Wildlife Sanctuary

One of the greatest challenges that wildlife sanctuaries face is giving animals a life that mimics as closely as possible a life in the wild. 

For various reasons, Earthfire’s resident animals cannot be released into their natural habitats. Given that difficult reality, it’s our responsibility to do everything in our power to replace what they lost with something almost as beautiful. We’re preparing now for infrastructure renovations and new construction to create comprehensive habitat enrichment for the sanctuary animals and to better serve injured wildlife brought to us for rehabilitation and release.  Our top priority is a complete redesign of our bears’ living areas.

Sanctuary development phases

Our permaculture design lays the foundation for building new animal living spaces, walking paths, and infrastructure improvements. This includes improvements to water retention, efficient workflow for animal care, enhanced visitor access, and measurable natural resource management. Every effort has been made to design in tune with natural ecosystems, using our knowledge of the wind, sun, rain, soil, and rolling of the seasons.

Two black wolves touching noses

Current Projects

Master Site Plan

We brought in some of the world’s foremost experts in creating zoological garden designs that prioritize an animal’s ability to thrive. The end result is an overarching, living plan for Earthfire animals that works with the land and nature in a life affirming manner.


We’re launching a property-wide master plan that includes regenerative agriculture, innovative new enclosures and gardens for our animals residents, and expanded rehabilitation facilities.

Wildlife Rehabilitation

Earthfire Institute is a licensed Wildlife Rehabilitation Center. We take in native injured and orphaned wildlife native to Idaho. If you have found an animal who you believe needs help, please contact us at 208-456-0926.

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