Wildlife Rehabilitation

Serving Teton County, ID, and Surrounding Areas

Earthfire Institute is a licensed Wildlife Rehabilitation Center. We take in native injured and orphaned wildlife native to Idaho. If you have found an animal who you believe needs help, please contact us at 208-456-0926.

When you encounter a wild animal that appears to need help, whether from injury, disease, or has been orphaned, please consider these issues before picking it up to bring for help:

First, emotions can run high when we see an animal in need but it is essential for the animal’s well-being to remain calm and assess the situation before taking any action. Who is around? How many humans and animals are involved? Are you safe?

Second, does this animal really need your help? Nature is intelligent and resilient, often providing better solutions than what we humans can offer. If you decide that the animal does need your help, be sure to have all necessary information about the animal, specifically species, estimated age, location, the injury/issue, a detailed description of what happened (to the best of your ability), and what its current status is. Be prepared to tell us your name, number, and what you are willing to do for that animal (whether you can bring it to us or one of our veterinary partners, or hold it until we can pick it up). Thank you for your concern for the being you are calling about.

Please note, there are certain animals we cannot take in without special permission from Idaho Fish and Game, such as:

  • Wolves
  • Mountain lions
  • Grizzly bears
  • Black bears
  • Wild cervids (mule deer, elk, white-tailed deer, moose)
  • Wild bovids (mountain goat, bighorn sheep)
  • Wild antilocaprids (pronghorn)
  • Raptors*

If you find an animal on this list, please call Idaho Fish and Game at 208-525-7290.

We also cannot take any migratory birds, such as water fowl, crows and ravens, songbirds, etc., without Federal permission.

*If you find a raptor that you believe needs help, please contact Teton Raptor Center’s Injured Raptor Hotline at 307-203-2551, or visit their website.

Learn more about our current and past rehabilitation efforts on our blog.

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