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Renowned wildlife artists Dwayne Harty and Billy Hassell donated artwork to Earthfire in 2016 to help us fund new and existing animal facilities. You can support the welfare of our animals by buying their Earthfire dedicated artwork here.

Billy Hassell about this week’s featured artwork “Beyond Earthfire”:

“The inspiration for the painting was the experience I had with the animals during the Conservation Conversation retreat. I placed all the animals with their backs to us, facing the same direction we, as viewers, are facing, to suggest that we are together as viewers and participants in a grand pageant; watching the cranes fly northwards (up the Yellowstone to Yukon wildlife corridor) – part of one tribe. The mountains in the background are the Tetons as seen from Earthfire. The title “Beyond Earthfire” is meant to be taken both literally and figuratively. It is literally the view one sees from looking past – or beyond- the Earthfire land. Figuratively I wanted to suggest a future aspire to, what follows our endeavor to see and embrace the animals as part of our community and not separate from us.” – Billy Hassell

This is a rare opportunity to buy a limited edition Billy Hassell’s print at a deep discount.

— Cost per print: $350

— Limited edition of 50 archival prints, numbered and signed by the artist

— Dimensions: 12” x 12” with a 2” margin

— Printed on German etching paper, these digital prints are suitable for framing

About Billy Hassell

Billy has been making nature inspired paintings and lithographs for more than 25 years. His colorful and expressive art works, frequently featuring birds and indigenous plants and animals have been exhibited nationwide and are included in many public and private collections.

His work has been included in exhibitions at the Hudson River Museum, The Art Museum of Santa Fe and the Museum of American Wildlife Art in Jackson Hole, Wyoming. Articles on his work have appeared in ArtNews, Southwest Art and the New York Times. He has been commissioned to produce etchings and lithographs for The Nature Conservancy, the Audubon Society and the Texas Parks and Wildlife Foundation. He currently resides with his wife Emily and their two dogs in Fort Worth, Texas.

For more information you may visit his website at www.billyhassell.com. To order a “Beyond Earthfire” Print go to Earthfire’s online store.

“Wetland Engineer” by Dwayne Harty:

This Original Oil-On-Panel Painting measures 11″ x 14″ – The painting is framed and was made specifically for Earthfire by Dwayne Harty in support of our beaver pond project.

Cost: $2,500

2016-11-14-12-09-17-copy“Wetland Engineer” by Dwayne Harty



About Dwayne Harty

Wildlife artist Dwayne Harty draws his inspiration by immersing himself in wilderness in order to study firsthand the wildlife and landscape that inspires him. Dwayne has been creating paintings and dioramas for over 35 years.

Harty was commissioned by “The Yellowstone to Yukon Conservation Initiative” (Y2Y) as their artist for the inter- national traveling exhibition, “Yellowstone to Yukon: the Journey of Wildlife and Art”. In preparation for this exhibition Harty traveled for three years by truck, raft, plane, helicopter and horseback into some of North America’s most remote and beautiful wilderness areas. Upon completion of this project Dwayne was appointed artist in residence at The Murie Center in Moose, Wyoming in Grand Teton National Park.

Dwayne lives in Victor, Idaho and makes his studio in Jackson, Wyoming where he exhibits with Mountain Trails Gallery. His paintings are in many corporate, public and private collections. In 2015 his works were featured in a retrospective exhibition at The Hiram Blauvelt Art Museum in Oradell, New Jersey. Harty’s diorama and mural work were featured in the PBS-TV thirty minute documentary, “Dwayne Harty: Journeys of an Artist”. He is a member of the Explorers Club, NYC and the Salmagundi Club, NYC.

For more information you may visit his website www.dwayneharty.com. To purchase the “Wetland Engineer” painting go to Earthfire’s online store.

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