Wildland Conservation

Protecting Nature’s Pathways

The United Nations reports that, in the United States alone, nearly one in five animal and plant species are at risk of extinction due to habitat loss and fragmentation.

We’re committed to preserving and restoring wildlife corridors,the natural spaces that connect larger areas of wildlife habitat. Wildlife corridors allow animals and plants to migrate, mate, reproduce, and find the nourishment and protection they need to thrive, supporting complex and dynamic ecosystems. Wildlands are vital to the survival of millions of plant and animal species and to the health of our planet.

Earthfire lies on the southern end of the 2,000-mile Yellowstone to Yukon (Y2Y) wildlife corridor, one of the last best mountain corridors in the world, on which thousands of species depend.

It’s our goal to protect as much of the corridor surrounding Earthfire as possible—and to engage others near and far in conservation efforts to protect our wildlands and wildlife corridors.

“Earthfire’s goal is to help us recognize our interdependence on the larger ecosystem within which we exist, moving us to more actively work to protect land and all forms of wildlife.”

Susan B. Eirich, PhD, Founder of Earthfire Institute

Preserving the South Leigh Creek Wildlife Corridor

In the spring of 2020, Earthfire learned that 120 acres of critical habitat in the South Leigh Creek wildlife corridor, which connects our property directly to the Yellowstone to Yukon (Y2Y) migration path, became available for sale.

We knew this vital wildland was in grave danger of being developed, eliminating natural spaces that are home to great gray owls, hawks, native cutthroat trout, and many more. We immediately took action, reaching out to our supporters to help us conserve this vital stretch of wildlife corridor.

Thanks to Earthfire supporters and the quick work of our team, we were able to secure the purchase of these 120 acres on September 15, 2020. Today, wildlife of all sizes, from mice to moose, pass through this protected habitat that is critical for their survival. You can view the abundant activity within this preserved land in our trail cam videos.

From Microbes to Mountains

As people from all walks of life gather in the Tetons to partake in their beauty, it is imperative to acknowledge the history of the land and the stories of its inhabitants throughout time.

Take Action to Protect our Wildlands

Every day, we continue to work to preserve the land around Earthfire. You can help us save the last wildlife corridor in the Teton Valley and connect it to the larger Y2Y system, giving wildlife a new chance to thrive and conserving these vital wildlands for future generations. By protecting the wild, we can all thrive—humans, plants, and animals alike!

Earthfire depends on your support to make our work possible.

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