Whispers from the Wild: An Invitation

Stories from the rescued wild animals of Earthfire Institute

After twelve years in the making, we are thrilled to announce Susan’s book Whispers from the Wild: An Invitation, featuring stories from the rescued wild animals of Earthfire, is now available.

Filled with hundreds of stunning color photographs and exclusive, original artwork, Whispers invites readers into an extraordinary world where a wolf maneuvers her way into living in a cabin, and a developmentally disabled grizzly bear touches the heart of all who meet him. Shared through heartfelt storytelling and exquisite photographs, Susan paints a vivid portrait of her astounding experiences with wolves, bears, cougars, bison, and other animals native to the Yellowstone-to-Yukon Wildlife Corridor. She reveals the potential for deep connections formed through play, love, and even in moments of passing.

The book’s powerful message extends beyond the pages, inviting people to share experiences and stories of kinship with the natural world. Whispers from the Wild is a tribute to the resilient spirit of wildlife and a call to action for all of us to reconnect with and protect the living beings that share our Earth.

Praise for Whispers from the Wild

“These stories are rememberings of what humans and the other living beings who came before us once knew, that we share this gift of Earth and life, and that we must care for each other. They are moments of realization, efforts toward listening and speaking in ways we have all inherited yet forgotten, turned away from. They are connections between hearts and minds and voices across the divisions that ‘civilization’ has imposed on our imaginations of what is real, human and animal. They are stories of loving, of being loved, and they open us to what is necessary at this crucial time.”

—  Stan Rushworth, author of Going to Water: The Journal of Beginning Rain; Diaspora’s Children; and co-editor with Dahr Jamail of We Are The Middle Of Forever: Indigenous Voices From Turtle Island On The Changing Earth

“This is a rich and riveting read. In an increasingly impoverished landscape bereft of stories of commitment, connection and compassion with our animal kin, Susan’s journey of trials and triumphs is a true thirst-quencher for soul’s seeking inspiration on ways to be in service of all life.”

— Matthew Zylstra (Ph.D., Pr.Sci.Nat), founder of EarthCollective, eyes4earth and the Organisation for Noetic Ecology

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