Where​ ​the​ ​Wild​ ​Things​ ​Were​

A gathering to celebrate, protect and explore our sacred connections to wildlife. If you’re in the area, join Susan and other wildlife experts in Bozeman, Montana, for an evening of art and insight into our connection and responsibility to wildlife.

Hosted by The Emerson Grill and Wilder Goods Saturday, September 23rd 2017 in Bozeman, Montana

Art​ ​Reception​ ​~​ ​5​ ​-​ ​7:30​ ​p.m.

At Wilder Goods in the Emerson Cultural Center Open to the public

A collaborative art show featuring artists with a passionate vision of our relationship to wildlife, as well as presentations from wildlife experts on advocating effectively with our representatives, bridging opposing viewpoints, and nurturing our spiritual connection and responsibility to wildlife. Guest speakers include Fiona Buckley – owner of Rathvinden Farm, Michael Dax – National Outreach for Defenders of Wildlife, Erin Edge – Rockies and Plains Representative for Defenders of Wildlife, Susan Eirich – Founder and Executive Director of Earthfire Institute and Jesse Tufte – Resilient Ranchlands Coordinator for the Western Sustainability Exchange.

Harvest​ ​Farm​ ​to​ ​Table​ ​Dinner​ ​~​ ​7:30​ ​-​ ​9:30​ ​pm

At The Emerson Grill Ticketed event, $100/person A full-course harvest dinner with wine pairings, featuring food from local farms committed to sustainability and coexistence. During dinner, wildlife experts will lead roundtable discussions with guests on creative, positive, and effective ways to engage with wildlife issues. Vegetarian/vegan options available.

Tickets available at http://www.shopwildergoods.com/events/ or call the Emerson Grill at (406) 586-5247.

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