Understanding Animal Voices with Penelope Smith, Part II

Two Wolves

This second half of an interview with Penelope Smith begins by exploring the question,  “Do animals grow spiritually as they age?”

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  1. Dear Kathryn, This is such a profound and important question it deserves a long and thoughtful answer, which will take me time. But until then – as most of us, I too have struggled with this. I have done both approaches, and the ones I regret more are the times I did interfere. In general I try to let natural processes take over rather than us interfere but it is such a one to one situation: the particular animal; the particular person; the particular medical situation. There are religions such as in Tibet where they feel you are interfering with the animals natural life path to hasten the process ( though of course relieve suffering). In the west we are on the other end of putting them down too quickly, partly because we ourselves can’t stand to see it .But there are many times the vet told me to do put an animal down but I refused to do so and they lived – sometimes 6 months – sometimes a full long life. An interesting and maybe helpful question: if it were you, or a loved relative, would you want to relive the suffering or put them down?

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