Through Wolves’ Eyes

Insights from Wildlife Artist Anne London, Part I
Painting of wolves by Anne London

While we are busy working on new content, we have re-released a podcast from our archives. In this conversation, Dr. Susan Eirich discuses the importance of art and conservation with incredible wildlife artist, Anne London. This is a timely podcast to share with you all as Anne is currently visiting the property again, getting more material for her paintings, and we will be recording the long-awaited Part 2. We hope you enjoy this powerful conversation and tune in with us for Part 2 next month.

Anne E. London is a world renowned wildlife artist and conservationist. Early in her career, after visiting a refuge in California for big cats, elephants, and many other endangered species retired from the media, she began melding her artwork with her love for animals. Anne started to focus on creating dramatic pieces that provide emotive portraits of wild animals, especially endangered species. In the decades since, she has developed a remarkable career as both an internationally recognized artist and a champion of animal conservation.

Through her frequent visits to wild locations, Anne witnesses animals firsthand and records the face of nature through her Portraits of the Wild series. She draws only what she sees and viscerally feels from the animals’ perspectives while immersing herself in the natural surroundings.

Now in her fourth decade as a fine artist, Anne has expertly used her work to raise money and awareness for endangered animals. She is active in several animal conservation organizations and serves on the board of directors for the Project Hope Foundation. Anne is also a member of Earthfire’s Advisory Circle. Learn more about Anne and her art at

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