The Little Cactus Breaks Free of its Bonds

Cactus in a tiny pot

I don’t quite know how to explain it. Maybe it is normal, but that little cactus I rescued from a souvenir shop (see The Cactus) is blooming again. It started blooming just before Easter (I thought of it as a thank you) and continued, bloom after huge bloom on this tiny plant, for three months before it went dormant. Then a few days ago I went to water it—and it was blooming again! As if it stopped just long enough to gather more strength and then burst forth once more. It not only burst into bloom, but the magnet glued to the pot—the very same magnet that was supposed to attach it to a refrigerator as a curiosity—had broken off, along with part of the painted pot. Little cactus bursts free of its bonds! May we all be so vital that we burst free of ours in a vibrant expression of life!

In case any skeptic thinks I am making this up, I did that old movie thing (how do you prove a date) and took a photograph of it with a current newspaper.

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