The Hope that Illuminates

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“We are being compelled…to take a quantum evolutionary leap. This leap could transfigure us and transform all social, economic, and political systems so that they honor equality, harmony with nature, justice for all sentient beings, and a sacred way of life that will bring peace to our earth. This is the Hope that illuminates my vision of Sacred Activism.—Andrew Harvey, The Hope

In this difficult time for all beings on our Earth we are called to speak and act from our deepest selves, our deepest wisdom, our deepest resources. We are called to lead, each in our own way, and to participate with others, all leading together. These times are actually a call to become fully alive, awake, and to participate in Life.

I just returned from a powerful retreat conceived and led by Gail Larsen of Transformational Speaking. She called it the Transformational Speaking reUnion, named to remind us that we are reuniting the deeper aspects of ourselves and with others on an evolutionary journey. Our time together was highlighted with these words from Indian Activist Arundhati Roy:

“Another world is not only possible,

She’s on the way.

And, on a quiet day,

If you listen very carefully,

You can hear her breathe.”

Gail led us in naming and claiming our Original Medicine – the gift we and we alone possess that is necessary to express for he healing of the web of life. What calls to us most deeply and expresses our soul longing. I would like share with you some of what transpired. We asked each other, “What enlivens your soul, makes it sing? What words can you find that expresses your deepest longing and your own unique gift?”  

My own was, “A Voice for the Earth, Calling Us Home,” which is what I try to do at Earthfire. From an Australian gentleman came, “A Dreamer of the New Beginning,” integrating Aboriginal wisdom with his own work to find new systems to replace our current institutions. From a passionate wildlife vet came “Healer of Animals and a Voice for the Abandoned.” From another came “Seer,” and she is, helping people to find their way to their own truth.

When we find our Original Medicine, it unleashes great power because it coordinates all aspects of ourselves and our innate connection to Life and Life’s wisdom. It is our what Gail names our HomeZone™. There we are connected with our courage and creativity to take bold action towards the change we want and need to see in the world. As Buckminster Fuller noted, “You never change things by fighting the existing reality. To change something, build a new model that makes the existing reality obsolete.” Connecting with our true wisdom and that of nature, we can come up with bold, creative new solutions. So the next question becomes: when we find our “home place” and it begins to settle in and feel right, “What actions are you willing to take that comes from that place? Empowered by the strength of that deep connection with yourself?”

What does our soul cry out to do to express our unique gift in our unique way? To contribute our gift to the world? We live in a time that deadens our souls with overload, stress, fear, and the addiction to speed and technology. We need to do everything we can to awaken it, nurture it, protect it, help other to do so. The incredible gift of being alive must not be squandered to the destructive aspects of the institutions and cultures we have unwittingly built.

We can do this. We have it within us. We need to help each other do this.

*We will also be exploring this in our online Conservation Conversations.      

(To learn more about Original Medicine and to enter this inquiry for yourself with Gail’s support, visit Half your course payment will be a donation to Earthfire.)

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