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Transforming Leadership, Accelerating Innovation and Unlocking Imagination at the Sun Valley Forum
Sunrise in a valley with a creek flowing through it

A 3-day gathering of leaders, luminaries, and change-makers from across the globe will come together at the 5th annual Sun Valley Forum, put on by the Sun Valley Institute on July 23-26, 2019.

“Accelerating environmental harm is a threat multiplier to our economically interdependent world and calls for urgent, proactive leadership to build resilience,” reads the website. The forum will bring together leaders from a variety of backgrounds to create new “cross-sector collaborations, mobilize capital towards promising ideas, and inspire uncommon thinking.” Our Earth needs a new way forward from the increasing environment-related risks and changes associated with its life support systems. The Sun Valley Forum “will showcase solutions and deliver inspiration as well as direct results, catalyzing new projects and partnerships” working towards this new way of being.

An impressive list of speakers will discuss topics ranging from food systems, energy use, women and youth in leadership, technology, public lands, storytelling, building resilience, climate security, and much more. Speakers include Justin Winters, Executive Director of the Leonardo DiCaprio Foundation; Jennifer Morris, President of Conservation International; Nemonte Nenquimo from the Waorani Nation of Ecuador; and Amanda Ellis, Executive Director of the Global Institute of Sustainability.

As a part of this group of innovators, Dr. Susan Eirich, Founder & Executive Director of Earthfire Institute, will be part of a keynote panel on Transforming Leadership: Building Community & Connection with two other powerful trailblazers: Mark Brand, Chef & Founder of Save on Meals & A Better Life Foundation, and Tyler Norris, Chief Executive of The Wellbeing Trust. Through their presentations and a follow-up discussion, this panel “reminds us of the connections we need to thrive, with each other and with all creatures.” Susan will give her talk Unheard Invitations: Wild Animals Are Calling Us for Connection to expand our sense of community and connection to include wild animals, for all our sakes.

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