The Essence of Life is Creative Intelligence

A lone Joshua tree growing in a rocky landscape

The essence of Life is creative intelligence. Out of creativity comes resilience—the ability to envision and find a new path. Creative intelligence is a quality that physicists increasingly believe is inherent in the universe. Inherent in Life. And thus inherent in us.* This is what we need to solve today’s problems in a way that works for all Life. The question is, how do we tap into it?

One of the ways we discussed this in our recent Conservation Conversation is to unblock energy flow: flow within ourselves and on the planet; flow such as allowing free-flowing, undammed rivers; thinking in terms of ecological regions and watersheds instead of human-created political boundaries; exploring the possibilities that animals support the Earth itself. For example, the idea that dolphins and whales and elephants cleanse the ley lines of energy of the planet.** We encourage all these different levels of knowing and action; from the practical (un-dam rivers), to supporting animals in cleansing the energetic (ley lines) of the earth. We must explore new ways of seeing and understanding. Nature is not simple or one dimensional.    

In a typical, deeply felt and wide-ranging conversation, people came at this from different angles.

Stephan, a writer from Canada, goes to the woods for inspiration. He talked about how when stepping into the woods, your whole thinking changes. Creative ideas, new discoveries, new awarenesses become available to you. He would have a block—then suddenly have big release as ideas poured through him and he would write and write. He said it is almost like it is not him thinking. Reading it over he would ask himself, “How do I know this?” He wrote about ancestral memories; roots and archetypal resonances. In other words, a different kind of knowledge than we get in regular culture and everyday interactions. One in line with Life. He said it is mostly the trees. He soaks it in somehow as they do their magic. Gitte asked how the trees on edges “feel” when much of their forest is cut away and they are left standing there unsupported. This is not as far out as it might seem. Science is now showing how very responsive and “social” trees are.***

Chelsea paraphrased Elizabeth Gilbert, who suggested that creativity is something that floats in the universe and people tune to it, let it flow through them. Maggie paraphrased the musician Greg Brown, who said creativity would come flowing by and he would tap into it.

Jessica said what she does is just be the observer without preconditions or ideas. She has had many encounters with nature but one that was important to her was with insects—when they would come to her. She said it was such a precious moment to be welcomed into their world; to see their intelligence and individuality.****  She noted that fear uses only a small part of the brain—with creativity the whole brain lights up…

Maggie gave an example of how a difficult moment was transformed for her by tuning into others in the same predicament and how that “lifted her out of the darkness” and she became protective of every living thing. She suggested using our mind to help our creative heart get to where it wants to go.

There was so much more: Shayla talked about a time when fierceness is maybe needed and appropriate. Gitte saying that standing up for water is not standing against a pipeline—it is FOR water; that we are in a clash of paradigms. When the press reports it, it becomes a conflict. Shayla commented that she can’t join many causes because of this conflict, “against” mentality. She wants to work FOR something.  

We also talked about human fear; vulnerability; ways to enhance flow and how it can change sorrow and anger into positive useful emotions so we are not lost in them. Gitte offered a simple exercise to help flow between the left and right brain.

The power of creating is in everyone. It is important that each of us attend to the creative process, not just “artists,” because we each have our own creativity to offer. We need to support each other in this. It is urgent and our culture does not support it. We must shift this. So join us! Add your own unique richness and experience to the conversation.

The next Conservation Conversation is March 28, 6pm MDT.

*There is a wonderful book by Duane Elgin called The Living Universe,” that address this. And a film called The Connected Universe,  featuring the work of physicist Nassim Haramein

** A sort of grid or matrix and are composed of the earth’s natural energies. .While  not all people agree that such things exist, there is some intriguing evidence for energetic lines around the whole Earth. For example, see Bernie Krauses’ work on vibrations from thunderstorms at the equator being detected at both poles.

*** There are now many TED talks on this on You Tube.

****There is a wonderful film called Microcosmos. You will never feel the same about insects again—or walk across a field mindlessly! There are miracles beneath your feet. There is also a passage in The Man Who Walked Through Time where the author observes individuality in insects on a beach on the Colorado River in Grand Canyon.

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