The Energy of Appreciation

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During our online conservation conversation at year’s end, we explored what each of us felt we could do to help ease our global crisis in our own way. Joni, one of the participants, said that if you see someone doing something good, let them know you see and appreciate it. She referred to a woman she knows who is trying to stop the building boom in her community from cutting down too many trees.

It seems like a simple and obvious thing to do. But for some reason, it stayed in my mind. That night, I woke up about 3 am with the thought, “You need to send a Christmas card to Jess.” I was a little perplexed—why did I wake up and think of such a simple “to do” task? Jess was the one who designed the cards, and she knew what they looked like. But she does wonderful work for us, and it was only right to send her one to let her know my appreciation.

I followed the thought through a bit more deeply about why that woke me up. If you let someone know you appreciate them, there is an energetic input that goes from you to them. It doesn’t just stay there, though. Somehow, it radiates out further, helping to build a community. It is subtle, but we are energy beings in solidified form and there is something about positive energy on a larger level that helps build and bind a community together. It is as if it is a pool we are all immersed in and draw from and contribute to.

Without my realizing it, Joni’s story apparently connected somewhere deep in my brain. I can’t really express it clearly—perhaps some of you more steeped in energy work can help me—but there was a direct line from the feeling Joni generated as she said it (she was feeling it, meaning it). It wasn’t a casual pro forma statement, but carried the feeling of appreciation within it, and that entered in my conscious, worked on me, and woke me. It was energetically important and needed to send my appreciation to Jess—directly indirect result of a meaningful conversation.

All quite wonderful actually.

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