Talking with a Bison

Listening to animal voices can mean many things. Here is an interesting version:

I was visiting with a friend recently, Penelope Smith. She is the internationally respected founder of the field of telepathic communication between species. We were talking about “listening” to the animals. The conversation took an interesting turn when Penelope suggested that animals want to communicate to humans about the state of the world and to help. That they really want us to listen; to hear. Penelope suggested we invite Earthfire animals to share what they would like to say to us and that I give her some questions to ask. She asked those who wanted to participate to come forth. Several did. Here is what Bluebell the Bison communicated to her. It is beautiful and carries its own truth, whether or not you believe in telepathy. Read and enjoy.

Interview: Penelope Smith and Bluebell the Bison

Penelope: What can we humans do to help heal the planet from human-made degradation?

“I’d like to introduce myself, so you can get to know me better and the context of my speech. I am Bluebell, named by humans in a very appropriate way for my character, which is peaceful and connected with the flowers of Earth. I am also connected to all the other bison of the world, not just those in the present, but the rolling ancestral herds of long ago that thundered across the plains. The vibration of our hoof beats inspired us and became the pulse of our movement, our call to the Earth, our celebration of life. I still feel the echoes in my feet, the ghosts of our kind long gone. We wandered through the tall grasses and open spaces and nurtured the earth with our rhythms, taking in the grass of life and leaving behind nurturance for further grass and flowers to grow. It was all in a balance.

“I can still hear the sounds of those rifles, when scores upon scores of our ancestors were killed. I was one of them. Yes, I too, roamed the Earth in bison form in ages past and remember how it feels to have many brothers and sisters of my kind all around me, the rich smell of us rose and fell with the dew. It was an incredible feeling be so engulfed with sweetness and with mighty power that kept us safe. We took care of each other but we could not take care of the decimation that was to come, eliminating our rolling thunder on the plains and our dance with the Earth that balanced everything in its wake.


“My name, Bluebell, reminds me of how we smelled the flowers and took them into our bodies and returned their sweetness to the Earth to start the cycle of growth afresh. I stand here now, very peaceful and grateful for my life. When I was young, I thought humans were strange creatures. Walking on two legs made them very unbalanced, foreign, cold, unfriendly. My friends were four-legged creatures who understood me and smelled like the Earth. Then , the humans reached out to me, and I could feel their kindness and their need for my companionship. I began to like them and desire their company, not only for the food they brought but for the likeness of our souls. I realized that I, too, had a kinship with these creatures that walked upright, even though they seemed so often to be preoccupied with thoughts and images that were only around their heads. “When they smelled me, they breathed my essence, and it reminded them to smell the Earth and the flowers and be clear-headed and peaceful, centered with their feet fully connected to the ground, like we are. I began to feel we had a friendship and needed each other. It was wonderful how they got my requests for rubbing my coat, so I could feel it right down to my skin – a delicious feeling. We bison used to do that for each other in great groups, rubbing each other and the earth, rocks, branches, and making great dust wallows. What joy!

“In telling you of my ancestry that I remember in my bones and particularly in my feet on the Earth, I am answering your question on how humans can heal the Earth.”

“Feel the Earth, feel her pulse. Unite with each other and all creatures and walk on the Earth in great groups that smell like the Earth and treasure its rhythms and harmonies. Smell my fur and you will understand. You will smell the fragrance of the ages, the dust we bison stirred and all the creatures that in turn depended on us for our life – what we ate and what we gave back to the Earth.”

bluebell at christmas

Penelope: How can humans create a more balanced ecosystem for all life on Earth?

“And so I continue from your last question, one and the same. Bring the herds back. Let the bison roam the plains. Now there are fragments that humans manage for their own needs first. Let us roam in great groupings that again echo the thunder of ages past. Let us return the tall grass prairies by our movements, the flowers that carpet the fields endlessly in the spring. Let us warm the Earth in the winter with our bodies’ strength in numbers. Let us join with each other to heal the Earth. You will also be healed just by standing in our presence and seeing the miracle of balance that we create. It can be done; it needs to be done to reverse the degradation that humans have brought.”

Penelope: Would you want Susan and Jean, through Earthfire, to spread the word and create continuous discussion to improve all life to benefit the planet?

“Yes. You bring people who are changed and understand. Let them each go out with a message from us that they can feel in their bones. I would gladly let my message be known about how humans can heal each other and the Earth.”

Img_Animal_bison_bluebell_Interview with Bluebell the Bison and Penelope Smith_4

Penelope: Is there anything else you would like to say?

“I am peaceful in my bones and in my heart of hearts that reaches through all the earth. I am grateful for my company, bison, horse, goat, wolf, human, and all the other creatures around me, both in the contained community of Earthfire and wild beings that inhabit the area. Life is beautiful. I smell the Earth and rejoice with each breath. I am happy to relate to you and all other beings. I am grateful that my needs are met. No, you cannot meet the long felt need for rolling thunder, but I am at peace with that. I stand connected to my ancestors and all the bison on the Earth who also feel and remember.”

There are many “real” ways of looking at animals depending on one’s world view. Bison are currently being killed by the government as they attempt to leave Yellowstone National Park for their annual migration to give birth. The annual slaughter is based on seeing wild animals as economic threats and objects that can rightfully be destroyed for human economic benefit. This article is based on another worldview resulting in an entirely different way of seeing wild animals. How we see them, which way is “real” or “realistic;” which way contributes to sustainability of earth ecosystems; exploring alternative ways of sharing the earth, is a topic that needs deep and care-full discussion as a society. How we see animals leads to how we treat them so there are huge consequences to which worldview we hold. Earthfire’s mission is to investigate and contribute to a sea change in how as a culture we see and treat wild animals.

Through remarkable experiences gained by living with rescued wildlife we have come to the conclusion that they are conscious individual beings with their own right to respectful treatment and have much to contribute to humans.

You can find more about Penelope Smith’s work at her website

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