Tales of Transformation with Jon Schwartz | A Grizzly Bear named Teton Totem

Man and baby grizzly bear

How did a paralyzed grizzly bear begin to walk again? Jon Schwartz interviews Susan Eirich about Teton Totem. He became progressively crippled and Western medicine didn’t help. A story of mysterious healing through long distance energy work and its implications for the nature of reality.

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  1. Wonderful podcast … thank you for re-affirming what I have felt strongly for some time now. As a distance healer I wholly envelop the God source energy that is the originator of all healing and we are simply the vessels through which the healing energy comes xxx Love your work Dr. Susan xxxx

  2. What a beautiful story. I also perform some remote healing work and completely believe this helped Totem. Its fascinating to hear animals stories like this and I believe gives more credence to this type of healing as animals do not have a ‘placebo effect’ and thus are not influenced by expectations or beliefs the way humans are. Thanks so much for sharing this. You are all such special people to give so much to these incredible animals. I hope to visit sometime soon.

  3. One of your executive director’s D Russell D’Souza, holds himself up as ethical, spiritual and a paragon of virtue. He has an illegitimate son of 20 who has autism. He has never acknowledged this child and did everything in his power to avoid and minimiser government imposed child support. Shame on you.

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