Face of a gray wolf
15 July 2016


Thunder was a magnificent wolf who lived to a ripe old age. When he passed, all of the wolves grieved, and howled him through his passage.   [gallery size="full" ids="1722,1724,1723,1725"]

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Profile of a white wolf

Mariah, an arctic wolf, was paralyzed by a stroke at the age of two, giving her a death sentence. She overcame insurmountable odds to walk again and run like the wind.   [gallery size="full" ids="1429,1430,1431,1432"]

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Wolf's face
15 July 2016


A magnificent wolf, Timber came down with inflammatory bowel disease and spent months in intensive rehabilitation. But he healed. This distant, unreachable wolf gifted us one day with a single lick.   [gallery size="full" ids="1713,1714,1715"]

Face of a wolf
15 July 2016


Sister to Earthfire, Windsong the wolf was named because her howl was like the song of the wind. She lived to be seventeen.   [gallery size="full" ids="1690,1688,1689"]

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Wolf eating carcass

— by Dawn Harrison — We are excited to have Animal Enrichment Specialist Steve Hill on site working with all of our sanctuary residents, but we’re not as excited as the animals. Steve traveled here from England and immediately began immersing himself in his work. He spouted ideas within minutes and started early with a trip to the local thrift shop and junk yard. By the second day, we had swinging ramps and converted cooler hidey holes for the foxes, tire toys made for the bears, and ground laid for more projects to come. Sholeh thanking Steve for his new toys | Dawn Harrison The simplicity of some projects is amazing and yet so effective. Teton Totem, the grizzly...

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