Grizzly bear surrounded by rocks
12 August 2016

Teton Totem

Now twenty years old, Teton Totem the grizzly bear has evolved from a vibrant physical specimen into a spiritual being who moves all who meet him.


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Grizzly Bear Laying on snow-covered log

This may not seem like a big deal unless you have bears residing on your property. Then, you’ll spend the winter worrying about them---how CAN they live without food and water? They can’t be alive! I’ve had 23 years of winter worry for our older bears, and although they come out of hibernation alive each year, you can never worry too much. Well, maybe you can---but it doesn’t feel like a choice, despite comforting myself with the fact that we’ve all been okay for nearly a quarter of a century. It truly is a miracle. In any case, all five made it, coming out with varying degrees of energy and not always looking their most intelligent. We ordered boxes of dark lettuce to help...

Man with grizzly bear cub

I would like to tell you about a grizzly bear. Not bears in general but a very specific bear. An individual. Teton Totem came to Jean as a child of divorce. Born in captivity, his owner had 30 bears and with the divorce, could no longer keep him. When I first met Teton, he was bear perfection---an artist drawing the most perfect adorable teddy bear couldn’t have come close to his cuteness. Jean even suggested making a poster with a whole row of stuffed teddy bears, putting Teton in among them---it would have been hard to pick him out. But even as a tiny cub there was no doubt about his strength and “bearness.” This was a serious, strong-willed animal. We had just bought the land...

Wolf eating carcass

— by Dawn Harrison — We are excited to have Animal Enrichment Specialist Steve Hill on site working with all of our sanctuary residents, but we’re not as excited as the animals. Steve traveled here from England and immediately began immersing himself in his work. He spouted ideas within minutes and started early with a trip to the local thrift shop and junk yard. By the second day, we had swinging ramps and converted cooler hidey holes for the foxes, tire toys made for the bears, and ground laid for more projects to come. Sholeh thanking Steve for his new toys | Dawn Harrison The simplicity of some projects is amazing and yet so effective. Teton Totem, the grizzly...

Grizzly bear surrounded by rocks and bushes

— by Jessica Friedman — It was an invitation that brought me to Earthfire. As the digital content manager, I have the luxury of working from home—an arrangement that suits my introverted heart just fine. But since home is 2 ½ hours away, it also means I sometimes feel a bit disconnected from the land and animals of Earthfire. Susan suggested it might be worthwhile for me to meet the rest of the team, both human and animal ambassadors alike, so I accepted the invitation and made the trek north to Driggs. Susan introduced me first to the bears. There was Humble Bumble, sweetly sucking on his paw like a child might suck a thumb. Beautiful Bramble, towering several feet above my head...

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