Black wolf
15 July 2016


People think black wolves are scary with their golden, piercing eyes. But Stardance the wolf, sister to Earthfire, was an amiable clown. Her nickname was Flop Over because she would flop over so easily for a belly rub---and because she didn’t want to be picked up.   [gallery size="full" ids="1699,1696,1697,1698"]

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Black wolf running on snow

Stardance is a wolf, black, with yellow piercing eyes. She is the epitome of our mental picture of an evil wolf. In actual fact, she is a charming clown. When you approach, she flops on her back, paws waving, belly up for the scratching. Should you want her to go somewhere or stop something at your request, she resists by flopping again, going completely limp so whatever part of her you try to touch eludes your grasp. She delights and excels in this. The only recourse is to pick her up wholesale and fling her--limp, tongue lolling in good humor---across your shoulders to carry her back to wherever you want her to go---or out of whatever mischief you have found her in. It is impossible to...

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