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Bunch of bananas on a styrofoam tray wrapped in plastic
One Good Deed Idea and Action Exchange

The movement to end our love affair with plastic took a promising step forward last month. Ekoplaza, a Dutch supermarket chain, opened a first-of-its-kind, plastic-free aisle in its Amsterdam branch,...

Photo illustration of a flooded laundry room with a round glass doorway opening onto a beach
One Good Deed Idea and Action Exchange

We are feeding our fleece to the fish. Microfibers have been found along shorelines from the poles to the equator. Oceans, shorelines, riverbanks, streambeds and lakes; none have escaped our...

Person sitting on top of a mountain, overlooking a cloudy landscape
One Good Deed Idea and Action Exchange

By taking three quick moments for self-reflection every day, we can cultivate greater joy, resilience, and effectiveness in our work for Life. There’s an old Buddhist proverb: “Good in the...

Jean Simson carrying a wolf on his shoulder
One Good Deed Idea and Action Exchange

In the book Savage Grace, authors Andrew Harvey and Carolyn Baker suggest dedicating one day to taking a personal inventory of ways in which we are disconnected from ourselves, others,...

People standing around a campfire
One Good Deed Idea and Action Exchange

As we enter the New Year, we are supported by the energy of all the people making resolutions. Surveys say half don’t keep them – but half do! This is...

Green plant growing from a hand full of coins
One Good Deed Idea and Action Exchange

Many religions ask that supporters tithe 10% of their income to support their good works. But from the Earth, which supports us and all Life, we often take and do...

A retreat participant plays with Earthfire wolves Tanaka and Kenai
One Good Deed Idea and Action Exchange

I recently hosted an awareness and fundraising event for wildlife at my art gallery in Bozeman, Montana. Called “Where the Wild Things Were,”  it included talks by grassroots conservationists and...

Cougar sitting in the sun
One Good Deed Idea and Action Exchange

Do cats feel gratitude? Apparently not, judging how standoffish or even rude they can be to their human benefactors or, worse yet, their doggy housemates. But observe a cat closely,...

Orange yard waste bags shaped like halloween pumpkins
One Good Deed Idea and Action Exchange

Chelsea, a member of the Earthfire team, recently observed a long row of plastic-bagged leaves while on an evening bike ride. “When we put leaves in plastic bags,” she said...

Colorful Buddhist prayer flags hanging in front of a cabin
One Good Deed Idea and Action Exchange

When we ask the question, “What can I do to heal the Earth?,” we may be missing the point. In the big scheme of things, there is no “I” separate...

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