Woman holding a black and white fox

— By Dawn Harrison — In a recent team meeting, we talked about the connections that each of us have with the animals. It struck me just how similar humans and animals are when it comes to making friends and connections, and that those connections don’t need to be textbook definitions. As each of us talked about the different animals who seemed to most enjoy our company, I had to think of how the personalities of humans and animals came out. In some ways, it took me back to high school. Loki the fox is like the kid who everyone knows, everyone likes, and who is kind to everyone. Always willing to stop and chat. Truly enjoying every interaction, whether it be with underclassmen,...

Black and white fox face
13 August 2016


A lady had purchased Loki from a breeder as a pet, and discovered that she could not legally keep him once she moved to Idaho. She obviously cared for him. She gave him up reluctantly, quizzing us about how we cared for animals, leaving, coming back to ask more questions, then calling several times later asking after his welfare. Loki arrived in her arms along with a huge red stuffed dog, several stuffed animals, and a squeaky bee. We were startled by his strange coloring. He was mottled black and white with enormous ears that were spotted in black and white. He had black rimmed eyes and a white face; black markings around the bottom of the tip of his nose like a mustache, and a black...

Porcupine napping on a log

— by Dawn Harrison — Moving days are stressful enough, but imagine if you were moved and no one told you what was happening. That would quickly turn a stressful day into a scary day. For Piney the Porcupine, moving day was a little scary. He had to wait in an unknown area with the sounds of construction going on around him. Luckily, it was a short-lived experience and he wasn’t actually getting relocated---he was getting an upgrade. Even then, I wanted to make sure he knew what was going on, so I did something that usually works for calming down kids and dogs: I sat and told him a story: Once upon a time, there was a handsome porcupine named Piney. One morning, Piney woke up to find...

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