Grizzly bear surrounded by rocks and bushes

— by Jessica Friedman — It was an invitation that brought me to Earthfire. As the digital content manager, I have the luxury of working from home—an arrangement that suits my introverted heart just fine. But since home is 2 ½ hours away, it also means I sometimes feel a bit disconnected from the land and animals of Earthfire. Susan suggested it might be worthwhile for me to meet the rest of the team, both human and animal ambassadors alike, so I accepted the invitation and made the trek north to Driggs. Susan introduced me first to the bears. There was Humble Bumble, sweetly sucking on his paw like a child might suck a thumb. Beautiful Bramble, towering several feet above my head...

Fox in tall grass
13 August 2016


The call came on a Sunday morning – a kindly couple had seen a baby fox lying in front of its den alone and weak. They placed him in front of the opening hoping his mother would take him in, but she acted as if he were non-existent. We drove down to pick up the tiny red thing and brought it home. He seemed to be about a month old. His mother had to have taken care of him to have reached that age. Why did she abandon him? He seemed a bit dazed, uninterested in food or water. At first we couldn’t understand why he was abandoned. Renard thrived, happily destroying anything in the house he could get his teeth into---which was everything, considering his agility. One day we looked over to...

Face of a black fox
13 August 2016


Rescued from a fur farm, Firefly helped teach about the wonder of foxes. It was really hard to leave the others behind.   [gallery size="full" ids="1473,1474,1475,1476,1477"]

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Porcupine napping on a log

— by Dawn Harrison — Moving days are stressful enough, but imagine if you were moved and no one told you what was happening. That would quickly turn a stressful day into a scary day. For Piney the Porcupine, moving day was a little scary. He had to wait in an unknown area with the sounds of construction going on around him. Luckily, it was a short-lived experience and he wasn’t actually getting relocated---he was getting an upgrade. Even then, I wanted to make sure he knew what was going on, so I did something that usually works for calming down kids and dogs: I sat and told him a story: Once upon a time, there was a handsome porcupine named Piney. One morning, Piney woke up to find...

Close shot of a red fox face
13 August 2016


A rescued fur farm fox, Feather lived a long life connecting with humans.   [gallery size="full" ids="1485,1486,1487,1488"]

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