Fox kits sleeping together in a metal culvert

Five orphaned fox kits arrived in April for recovery and rehabilitation, their mother killed by a dog. When discovered, they were hungry and dehydrated. They’re now thriving and rambunctious in their covered enclosure with an outdoor play area. We’ve placed logs, large stones, sandboxes and wide-mouth tubes in their garden. When they show the ability to forage and hunt adequately, they’ll be released back into the forest from whence they came, sometime in early August.

Fox in tall grass
13 August 2016


The call came on a Sunday morning – a kindly couple had seen a baby fox lying in front of its den alone and weak. They placed him in front of the opening hoping his mother would take him in, but she acted as if he were non-existent. We drove down to pick up the tiny red thing and brought it home. He seemed to be about a month old. His mother had to have taken care of him to have reached that age. Why did she abandon him? He seemed a bit dazed, uninterested in food or water. At first we couldn’t understand why he was abandoned. Renard thrived, happily destroying anything in the house he could get his teeth into---which was everything, considering his agility. One day we looked over to...

Face of a black fox
13 August 2016


Rescued from a fur farm, Firefly helped teach about the wonder of foxes. It was really hard to leave the others behind.   [gallery size="full" ids="1473,1474,1475,1476,1477"]

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Close shot of a red fox face
13 August 2016


A rescued fur farm fox, Feather lived a long life connecting with humans.   [gallery size="full" ids="1485,1486,1487,1488"]

Intense gaze of a brown fox
11 August 2016


Bought as a pet and then abandoned, Sage the fox found it hard to trust people, but he found a loving home at Earthfire.


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