Brown fox inside an animal crate

We received an urgent call---could we take in a sweet fox who had been someone’s pet and now was abandoned? He had been living alone in a locked cabin with food being thrown in sporadically, and the situation was no longer tenable. The exterminator was scheduled for the next day, so he needed a home immediately. We had no room, but it was life or death. We could try to put him in with our foxes Feather and Lightfoot and hope they got along. We would have to get permits, as he was in Wyoming and would be coming across state lines. Could we get them quickly enough? The laws had recently changed in Idaho and everyone in all the relevant offices were still uncertain about what was needed,...

Two baby moose nuzzling each other's noses

Earthfire Institute is a licensed Wildlife Rehabilitation Center. We take in native injured and orphaned wildlife native to Idaho and work closely with Idaho Fish and Game. Learn more about our wildlife rehabilitation efforts here. In June a local rancher, Charlie Cook, came across the body of a female moose 150 feet or so off the road. She had apparently been hit by a car and dragged herself off the road before she collapsed and eventually died. As he investigated her body he saw a movement out of the corner of his eye. A tiny moose baby, perhaps a week old. He called for help and with several neighbors were able to catch him. One of the neighbors, Brent, had goats and offered to care for...

Beaver eating leaves in a pond

Beavers are charming and fascinating creatures. Dr. Donald Griffin, the father of animal cognition, notes, "When we think of the kinds of animal behavior that suggest conscious thinking, the beaver comes naturally to mind." They perform their incredible engineering feats not just through instinct, but through imitation and experience. But even more than that they are incredibly important ecologically, a fact we have belatedly recognized. Called nature’s finest wetland engineer, professional human water engineers study them for water management. Beavers reliably, and economically, maintain wetlands that sponge up floodwaters, alleviate droughts and floods, lessen erosion, raise the water...

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