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View of Earth from space showing Europe and north Africa
David Loy Advocates for Civil Disobedience

Eminent Buddhist scholar David Loy joined our Conservation Conversation last week to talk about what the Buddhist approach can contribute to our current climate crises. The discussion was rich with...

Buddhist monk in saffron robes sitting under tree, reflected in nearby water
Internationally renowned Buddhist scholar and activist Dr. David Loy discusses his new book, Ecodharma, where he writes, “Engagement in the world is how our individual awakening blossoms, and contemplative practices...
Double exposure image of a person meditating and a person running
A Conversation with Buddhist Scholar David Loy

In this conversation, Susan sits down with Professor of Buddhist and Comparative Philosophy, David Loy, to explore the need to turn spirituality into action for Life. David Loy at the...

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