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Internationally renowned Buddhist scholar and activist Dr. David Loy discusses his new book, Ecodharma, where he writes, “Engagement in the world is how our individual awakening blossoms, and contemplative practices such as meditation ground our activism, transforming it into a spiritual path.” Susan and David conversed about what the teachings of Buddhism can offer to solving our current ecological crises. His recent lecture “Healing Ecology: A Buddhist Perspective on the Eco-crisis” talks about the parallel between our personal struggles and our collective ecological dilemma. You do not have to be schooled in Buddhism to enjoy or contribute to this conversation.  Shortly after...

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In this conversation, Susan sits down with Professor of Buddhist and Comparative Philosophy, David Loy, to explore the need to turn spirituality into action for Life. David Loy at Rocky Mountain Ecodharma Retreat Center David R. Loy is a professor of Buddhist and comparative philosophy, a prolific writer, and a teacher in the Sanbo Zen tradition of Japanese Buddhism. His books include Money Sex War Karma, A New Buddhist Path, and Ecodharma: Buddhist Teachings for the Ecological Crisis (forthcoming in January 2019). He is especially concerned about social and ecological issues. In addition to offering workshops and meditation retreats, he is one of the founders of the new Rocky...

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Eminent Buddhist scholar David Loy joined our Conservation Conversation last week to talk about what the Buddhist approach can contribute to our current climate crises. The discussion was rich with insights about how to navigate our current crises without falling into despair, taking the best effective action we personally can manage instead. I received the email below just afterwards. He had been arrested for a peaceful protest in his home town of Boulder, Colorado. In David's new book, Ecodharma, he coined the term “ecosattvas”—a play on ecology and the term bodhisattva, a person who takes the basic tenet of Buddhism, compassion for all sentient beings, and applies it in the world....

— by Susan Eirich, Ph.D. — “I came to realize that mind is no other than wind, trees and the great wide Earth; the sun, the moon and the stars.” - Dogen Zenji. 13th century) “The Earth is saying it’s time to wake up or get out of the way.” - David Loy I had a conversation with David Loy because our current ecological crisis is, at its core, a spiritual crisis. Therefore spirituality is where we have to go to solve it. As with all the great religions, Buddhism offers a very useful insight on how we can solve our personal and environmental crises: our personal suffering and our collective crises are the same because there is no separation between us and the rest of Life....

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