Gray wolf panting
15 July 2016


A cool and independent wolf, Cucumber changed dramatically after a near death experience and became a wolf ambassador to humans.   [gallery size="full" ids="909,914,913,915"]

More Stories About Cucumber:

White wolf in a grassy field

Cucumber was wilted. It was different this time. After her two near-death experiences during which she worked her way into becoming a House Wolf, she thrived on her special status. When her status became threatened because another sick animal required special care and occupied our tiny living room, she learned how to manipulate us through pretend near-death experiences. But now she is older---going on her 14th year---and the wilting felt different. As if she were defeated. The cause of the problem was two-fold. First Firefly, a tiny little black fox-rescue from a fur farm ousted her because she needed intensive care, but we could at least move her out each day so Cucumber could come and...

Black and gray fox resting with tongue sticking out

Firefly had been exquisite. She is now a bedraggled little mess but we hope she will soon be exquisite again. She was not her usual vibrant feisty self last month. She spent most of her time hiding in her box. We waited a couple of days to see if it was temporary but when we saw her shaking, that was it. Poor Wamaka had to go back outside. He wasn’t ready. He didn’t want to. He had adapted just fine to the attention and warmth and being in the center of things. He and Cucumber had reached an accommodation. He loved the meditations. He had fallen in love with Talkeetna who came in each day after Cucumber went back out. Not to mention the help being indoors in winter gave him physically....

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