Wolf eating carcass

— by Dawn Harrison — We are excited to have Animal Enrichment Specialist Steve Hill on site working with all of our sanctuary residents, but we’re not as excited as the animals. Steve traveled here from England and immediately began immersing himself in his work. He spouted ideas within minutes and started early with a trip to the local thrift shop and junk yard. By the second day, we had swinging ramps and converted cooler hidey holes for the foxes, tire toys made for the bears, and ground laid for more projects to come. Sholeh thanking Steve for his new toys | Dawn Harrison The simplicity of some projects is amazing and yet so effective. Teton Totem, the grizzly...

Raccoons emerging from a crate

— by Dawn Harrison — The weather was perfect and the girls were ready, so we knew it was the right day for releasing our rehabilitation raccoons. We found the ideal spot with a small stream and ample natural food in a location where we can provide supplementation if they need it to thrive through their first winter. The girls, dubbed Big and Medium, were loaded into a crate for the short trip to their new home. Upon arriving, Big and Medium were very inquisitive yet reluctant. After all, they didn’t know exactly what was going on. They peeked out of the kennel, took a few steps out, and then went back in. When we took the top off, they finally got a good look at the welcoming meadow...

Woman sits next to a coyote in a grassy field

Penelope Smith is a revered founding pioneer in the field of interspecies telepathic communication since the 1970s. Her visionary work has been featured in newspaper and magazine articles, in numerous books, and on radio and television. Her training program has guided the unfolding of generations of professional animal communicators. She wrote the popular classic books Animal Talk, When Animals Speak, and Animals and Spirit. Penelope believes that everyone is born with the power to communicate with other species, and that although that is long lost for many of us, it can be regained---for the benefit of all beings on earth. For more information, visit animaltalk.net. In this conversation,...

Coyote on snow-covered log
13 August 2016


Bought from a fur farm, Pimpernel nearly died as an infant from a rare genetic disorder. The intense care needed created a life-long bond, and combined with an outsized personality, she became an unrivaled coyote ambassador.   [gallery size="full" ids="1498,1499,1500,1501,2473"]

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Profile of a coyote at night
13 August 2016


The opposite of Pimpernel, delicate, shy, sensitive Faerytale the coyote showed the widely various individuality of coyotes. Somehow traumatized before we got her, she showed immense courage in facing her fears.   [gallery size="full" ids="1395,1396,1397,3399,3402,3403,3404,3415,3416,3417"]

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