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Various species of wildlife gathered around a tree with a sign that says Team Meeting Today
Coming Together in Council

Attending a Council of All Beings* is a way for us humans to widen our awareness and appreciation for other forms of life by entering into their perspectives as best...

Susan Eirich with a moose calf

In the end all our troubles come down to not treating each other well. Between humans; between humans and other species. If we did there would be very few problems,...

Retreat participants sit in a field with a gray fox
Earthfire Council of All Beings 2018

“If not us, then who? If not now, then when?”—John E. Lewis April marks the launch of the Earthfire Council of All Beings 2018: Showing Up for Life on Earth,...

Susan Eirich at a table with several retreat participants
Earthfire Council of All Beings Update

The official launch of the Earthfire Council of All Beings starts in April, when we begin to roll out this special year-long program, under the umbrella title, “Showing Up for...

Coyote in a field surrounded by people
Introducing the Earthfire Council of All Beings

If you have been following Earthfire Institute this last year via our email newsletter, website, or social media, you know that we have been talking a lot about Conversation—that simple...

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