Earthfire Stories

Tag: Cats
A brown daschund and gray cat snuggle together on a bed
Our Genetic Similarities to Wild Things

I was raised with cats. Growing up, there was always a family cat roaming the house, moving from lap to lap and bed to bed. Throughout adulthood, I’ve been catless...


I first encountered Skeeter two summers ago, when my husband and I first moved into this apartment. The apartment didn’t have a screen on the back door, but I liked...

Squirrel eating nuts in a large hole in a tree
Dawn Harrison

One heartwarming part of wildlife rehabilitation is seeing the result of all the efforts put forth. For many released animals, the results are not easily tracked. Raccoons, for instance, don’t...

Cougar sitting in the sun
One Good Deed Idea and Action Exchange

Do cats feel gratitude? Apparently not, judging how standoffish or even rude they can be to their human benefactors or, worse yet, their doggy housemates. But observe a cat closely,...

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