White bison eating hay

Between getting ready for winter and speaking at a variety of events, we've been especially busy lately. But Dante Rios, our animal caretaker, has been delighting us with beautiful pictures of our animal residents. Please enjoy! 

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Bison standing in the snow
13 August 2016


There are many stories of Bluebell the bison, the self-styled matriarch of the pasture. No one messes with Bluebell.   [gallery size="full" ids="1579,1580,1581,1582,1583"]

More Stories About Bluebell:

Buffalo with a bunch of yellow flowers stuck on her horn
13 August 2016


Rescued from a buffalo ranch, gentle Rosebud the Bison was a companion to Bluebell for several years and was deeply attached to Josie the goat.   [gallery size="full" ids="1590,1591,1214"]

White bison standing in the snow with mountains in the background
13 August 2016


Given to us a gift from a Lakota elder, Nima is a white buffalo growing into her own.   [gallery size="full" ids="1584,1587,1588,1585,1586,1589"]

More Stories About Nima:

Woman greets a white bison calf
10 July 2010

The White Buffalo

— By Susan Eirich, Ph.D. — We had a particularly powerful workshop last October with Rose De Dan of Wild Reiki and Shamanic Healing. According to Rose and other shamans who look at life from an alternative frame, Windwalker the cougar, near the end of his days, had hung onto life to be here through the last retreat of the year.  People had flown in from around the country to see him one last time. Rose made him the focus of the workshop with ceremonies honoring him and his courage and beauty of spirit. Paralyzed in his hind legs, he lay regally and greeted each participant with warmth and dignity, purring his way through the entire visit. People in turn helped him into his...

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