12 August 2016


Bramble the grizzly bear came here with his brother Ramble. If you want to see bear joy, watch him in his pond. The twirling and the splashing and the dunking make you laugh out loud.   [gallery size="full" ids="1439,1440,1441,1442,1443"]

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Bramble the Bear splashing in the water

— by Susan Eirich, Ph.D. — Bramble the grizzly bear could be a bit of a brat---except in this incident, it was also so cute. We hold many types of retreats here, from conservation to artistic to spiritual, in keeping with the belief that Life is not simple and we need all perspectives to help us make sense of it. Thus we were holding a four-day shamanic retreat, and it was the end of the last day. The leader, Rose De Dan, wanted to take the participants on a shamanic journey in the company of the animals, so we all went into the main compound and lay down on the grass. Rose began the journey, leading us along with words and using her rattle to pulse out a rhythmic beat to help us...

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