Grizzly bear surrounded by rocks
12 August 2016

Teton Totem

Now twenty years old, Teton Totem the grizzly bear has evolved from a vibrant physical specimen into a spiritual being who moves all who meet him.


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Grizzly bear playing with a twig in water
12 August 2016

Humble Bumble

Humble Bumble came from a roadside zoo that was closing. Just a few weeks old---and even then, it was clear that he was a “differently-abled” bear. Now 14 years old, he is enormous---but it isn’t his size you notice first. It is a gentleness, an innocence. It is in the expression of his face, in his movements, in the whole feel he emanates. Most animals at Earthfire have names reflecting their magnificence---Northwind the wolf, Windwalker the cougar. But as we spent time with him---watched him play, sweetly, gently, not too coordinated, not too quick on the draw---the name just came out: Humble Bumble.   More Stories About Humble...

Profile of a black bear being playful

Sometimes there is a story we enjoy so much that we want to repeat it, like this one from our archives. Originally written in 2010, the bears still love their marshmallows---and still don't like taking pills. There comes a time in the course of events when you have to give a bear a pill---or in Major Bear’s case, eight of them, twice a day. You might think it was easy. With a wolf, as long as there is breath in their body, put it in a piece of meat and they wolf it down, no questions asked. If there is any difficulty at all, you keep a second piece of meat in your other hand and they'll focus so much on that piece that they might miss the fact that they wolfed down the first while eyeing...

Face of a black bear
12 August 2016

Huckleberry Bear Bear

A sensitive being, Huckleberry Bear Bear the black bear expressed new depths when he lost his brother, Major Bear.   [gallery size="full" ids="1459,1460,1461"]

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Black bear sitting by rocks and bushes
12 August 2016

Major Bear

Major Bear and Huckleberry Bear Bear were brothers and slept in each other’s arms during the winter, but it didn’t stop Major Bear from stealing his brother’s pie.   [gallery size="full" ids="1465,1464,1463,1462"]

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