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Bear den covered in snow
Bear Garden Diaries

We dreamed about the new bear gardens for such a long time—not for us humans, but for the bears. We wanted them to have waterfalls. We wanted them to have...

Grizzly bear coming out of a pool of water
Six Weeks Until Moving Day!

Construction on Phase 1* of our brand new, state-of-the-art bear gardens is almost complete! Thanks to our amazing local contractor, Wydaho Construction Services, the project that broke ground 10 months...

Grizzly bear on snow-covered rocks
All Snug in Their Beds

The bears are nestled all snug in their beds, while visions of marshmallows dance in their heads. The bears have just settled down for a long winter’s nap, but work...

Bear den in an enclosure for rescued bears
Last Push Before Winter

Our very sleepy and seasonably plump bears recently settled in for their long winter’s nap, but that doesn’t mean work on their new gardens has slowed down. The landscapers are...

Grizzly bear laying on his stomach in the snow
Installing Deadfall for Enrichment

Fall is in the air and Mother Nature has already given us our first dusting of snow here in the valley. The days are shorter and cooler, so the construction...

Grizzly bear swimming in a manmade pond
A River (Will) Run Through It

We are already four months into construction on our new Bear Gardens, which means we are approximately halfway through the build. Construction is scheduled for completion by January 1! The...

Construction for new bear gardens at Earthfire Institute
And the 16th Annual Tin Cup Challenge

We are a little over a month into construction on two new Bear Gardens, and so far our bears seem to be coping with the noise quite well—especially when we...

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