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Tag: Animal Energy World Conference
A group of ants linking together to create a bridge between two leaves
Susan Shares Current Research from Recent Global Conferences
During this conversation, Susan brought back cutting-edge approaches to animal healing from the Animal Energy World Conference—and human healing, because fundamentally we are the same—and the work of passionate people...
Bottles of various sizes filled with colorful oils, with herbs and mortar and pestle in the background

What would a conference be like if it was founded on a vision handed down from an unearthly source? The Animal Energy meeting I attended earlier this month can offer...

Global Earth Repair Conference, including graphic of linked hands circling the earth, a pod of orcas, and a list of presentation topics

The Global Earth Repair Conference Port Townsend, WA | May 3-5, 2019 Susan will be presenting at the first ever Global Earth Repair Conference, where thought-leaders and practitioners from all...

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