A group of ants linking together to create a bridge between two leaves

We are all Midwives for Life There are so many exciting, positive, mind-bending new learnings going on in the world. We are such an innately creative species.  It is a joy for me to keep up with them in the field of human/animals/nature/Earth relations and then share them with you. Part of the pleasure is letting the information flow through me to you. In our last conversation, one participant asked me if I felt like a midwife (I love the perceptions that come out of these conversations). After a moment’s reflection, I said, “Yes,” because what I am doing is trying to help birth new ideas and perspectives in the service of Life. And, really, I realized, each of us is working for a...

Bottles of various sizes filled with colorful oils, with herbs and mortar and pestle in the background

What would a conference be like if it was founded on a vision handed down from an unearthly source? The Animal Energy meeting I attended earlier this month can offer a bit of an answer. In 2011, Marie Holliday, founder of the conference, was conducting a training on the Emotional Freedom Technique, a well-researched method of releasing trauma in humans. As she was teaching a procedure called Personal Peace, she writes, “A very loud and very clear, deep male voice spoke as I was talking about this---right above my head: 'You will never have World Peace until you take our Animals with you.' It was like a call to action, no choice, a command.” “From that second on, my life was...

Global Earth Repair Conference, including graphic of linked hands circling the earth, a pod of orcas, and a list of presentation topics

The Global Earth Repair Conference Port Townsend, WA | May 3-5, 2019 Susan will be presenting at the first ever Global Earth Repair Conference, where thought-leaders and practitioners from all walks of life are coming together to draw attention to the worldwide movement of earth repair and to discuss practical action to restore the planet. The conference will weave together a blend of restoration ecology, permaculture, ethno-ecology, forestry, bioengineering, horticulture and many other tracks with the goal of applying this knowledge to regenerate our earth’s ecosystems. This new and formative conference aims to address both the technical and social aspects of planetary regeneration...

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