Storytelling Circle Update

Bare feet of woman standing barefoot outdoors in nature

On June 13th, we held our quarterly Storytelling Circle with a virtual group of local and international storytellers and Earthfire supporters. The conversation exceeded expectations for what is possible when a group of nature-loving people come together to share and listen with an open heart. Participants brought stories of connecting with land, gardening barefoot, and various experiences with ants and birds.

One storyteller shared the heavy grief that she is sensing as a physician in the world of western medicine, and the cruelty of how we treat non-human beings. She had just read about the bleeding of live horseshoe crabs for their unique blood, where many of these ancient beings die in the process. From a place of truthful awareness we explored how to support the conversion of heartache into positive action.

How can we amplify our voices to be agents for positive change in the world? How can we nurture these glimpses into our connectivity? At the conclusion of the circle, Susan asked “How do we support one another and ourselves in taking these experiences and integrating them so they become a part of us? And operate from there? What do these encounters mean? And to what extent can other people be inspired to share their stories as well?”

We want to hear your stories. If you have experienced a transformational encounter with the natural world, please consider sharing your experience with our community. It’s in the sharing that these stories begin to exert their power.

Share your stories here and consider joining our next Storytelling Circle on September 5th. Registration information will be posted on the events page when it becomes available.

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