Profile of coyote standing in tall grass

— by Rose De Dan, Wild Reiki and Shamanic Healing — This October is the 7th consecutive year I have led A Walk on the Wild Side: Answering the Call of the Wild, at Earthfire Institute. It is a unique event that brings people and the animals together in shamanic ceremony to co-create a more balanced way of walking together in this world. Once we open sacred space over the land, the time is very rich with many stories of transformation, human and animal. I will share one. At Earthfire we see each animal as an ambassador for their species and treat them with the dignity appropriate to that status. Each year I greet Earthfire Animal Ambassadors who are old friends, and make new ones....

Two wolves climbing on rock

Cindar was a 7-year-old, beautiful black female wolf. She was very sensitive and smart. Jean and Susan called me because she was depressed and seemed ill. When I arrived she was weak and was breathing very rapidly. When I listened to her lungs with the stethoscope she had very little air moving through them. I was immediately concerned as to why such a seemingly healthy wolf was losing lung function so quickly. We decided that to get a better idea as to what was going on with her lungs, we needed to do a chest x-ray. The x-ray revealed fluid in the chest and very limited lung capacity. Some of the lung had no air in it at all. It was clear she had pneumonia but what would have caused it?...

Brown fox with a luxuriant coat

When Sage first arrived at Earthfire in a cage he was in terror, having been through a roller coaster life of interactions with humans. We don’t know many details other than that he was purchased as a pet, abandoned, and had been left in an empty cabin where someone threw in food periodically. He was scheduled to be captured and euthanized. A kind woman who knew of the situation rescued him the night before he was to be killed and called to ask if we could give him a home. We could. Since Sage’s arrival at Earthfire almost three years ago, he has cowered behind his den box in his enclosure when people come by. He would come out to get food only after they had left. We saw a...

Young coyote standing on the back of a couch

Healing is a mysterious and miraculous process. It moves between many levels – biological, spiritual, emotional, energetic. How does it work? How does the body heal itself? How does love help heal? How does healing-touch work? Though we have incredible medical knowledge and capacities, when we keep asking questions, we realize we don’t really know at the deepest level just how the body and soul heals. The coyote was very young when he was rescued by an animal lover. They bonded intensely over a period of a few of months. When she realized she couldn’t keep him, she felt Earthfire had the right feel for this special being she called Shaman. We welcomed him, but he had bonded to her...

Black and white fox

 -- by Susan Eirich, PhD -- A few weeks ago we received a phone call from a woman named Amanda. Could we take a baby domesticated fox? Could she come visit to judge for herself if he would be well taken care of? We had lost our beloved Feather the fox to a gentle old age and did have the space. We said sure. Amanda had purchased Loki from a breeder as a pet, and discovered that she could not legally keep him once she moved to Idaho. She obviously cared for him. She gave him up reluctantly, quizzing us about how we cared for animals, leaving, coming back to ask more questions, then calling several times later asking after his welfare. Loki arrived in her arms along with a huge red...

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