Sounds of Nature: An Introduction to Recording Wild Soundscapes with Bernie Krause

One of the best sound recordists in the world will teach this workshop. Based at Earthfire, we will be going out into the pristine wilderness areas near Grand Teton National Park and areas surrounding Teton Valley, Idaho. We will learn how to record the sounds of nature and understand nature in a totally new and deeper way. Bernie will share the insights gained from a lifetime of recording in the wild – insights that will forever change your understanding of the natural world. This 4-day course will take place both indoors and in the field as we learn to listen and record with an emphasis on the holistic soundscape and what it reveals. After each field session we will exchange samples of our discoveries in enjoyable and informative formats. Weather permitting, participants will learn to record everything from insect larvae to amphibians, reptiles, birds, mammals and arthropods (ants) in areas surrounding the Tetons, hearing how all the voices in a particular habitat interact with one another.

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