Membership in LifePhoto by Scorpp

Conservation Conversation with Dr. Susan Eirich
June 20, 2018

We all want to show up for Life but we often don’t know how. One way to discover how is to follow the principles of “voluntary simplicity;” to begin to explore what we need versus what we want. This “decluttering“ of our priorities gives us the ability to manage our own lives according to our own values. Making conscious choices with other beings in mind is essential as we move towards the paradigm shift of living on Earth in a joyous and sustainable way. How can we inspire and support one another on this path?

In this month’s Conservation Conversation, we will discuss voluntary simplicity and explore how earth-conscious living can enrich our lives and benefit the Life around us.  The online video conversation takes place on Wednesday, June 20, at 6pm Mountain time (5pm Pacific; 8pm Eastern). The cost is free, but space is limited, and advance registration is required. We invite you to join in this exploration with us—and bring your best self with you.

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