Seed Swap #21

Seeds in various stages of germination

Seeds are tiny, magical packets of latent energy and potential, ready to burst forth when conditions are right. They contain the very essence of Life itself: ancient wisdoms and future hopes, exquisitely designed to adapt and evolve as needs arise.

Part of Earthfire’s mission is to be a seed center. Here we gather selections of what we would like to see to germinate, take root, and unfurl into the light; stories that educate, inspire, inform and embrace hope and action. We invite you to partake, swap and share them. May they all bear fruit.

  • A school district in Florida has enlisted the help of some unique landscapers: 24 goats, hired to manage weeds on a patch of land that’s also home to a community of vulnerable gopher tortoises. Using goats will help reduce the spread of invasive weeds without further endangering the tortoises, so it’s a win-win.
  • If you live in or travel to Asia and see shark fin soup on your restaurant menu, Jane Goodall encourages you to complain to management. This practice can only change if consumers make their voice heard.
  • Many wildlife rehabilitators lack the resources to transport every animal that needs help, and the people who find animals in need often can’t make the trip themselves. Enter organizations like the Wildlife Resources and Education Network (WREN), a group of committed animal lovers who volunteer their time and vehicles to transport animals to the vets and rehabbers who can help.
  • An innovative new agave production program is empowering farmers to “reforest, revegetate, rehydrate and recarbonize depleted soils—and sequester massive amounts of carbon, while raising food for their communities.”
  • A new study shows that plants produce sounds when stressed, which may be used to warn other plants or alert beneficial predators to insect outbreaks.
  • Cities around the world are creating a variety of programs to combat food waste.
  • A new bill in NYC “requires all new construction and major renovations to install bird-friendly glass on building facades below 75 feet.”
  • New York is also the first state in the US to ban the trade of giraffe body parts.
  • Crows may be the smartest animals after primates.
  • A community that once had two coal mines is now training the next generation to install and service solar panels.

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