Fostering Transformation through Intimate Encounters with Earthfire Animals

Earthfire Institute is a working wildlife sanctuary and rehabilitation center, but we also offer selected opportunities for private site visits and group retreats.

Earthfire retreats are unlike any other. While there are numerous places people can go for healing, reflection and connecting with nature, very few focus on transforming human awareness of who animals are, how that understanding can add immense richness to our lives, and how that awareness can help motivate us to preserve and protect them. We work to foster the realization that if we look to heal the whole community that is our Earth, we will get healed in the process. Animals are masters at teaching us the joys and rewards of this way of seeing things.

In working to build a community of people who would like to work with us to preserve the wild animals and wild places of our planet, we believe the first step is to give people the opportunity to gain a deep and heart-based understanding of who these beings are, through the opportunity to personally meet our wildlife emissaries.

View inside a furnished yurt
The yurt at Earthfire (Photo by LGV Creative)

“The real journey of discovery consists not of seeking new landscapes, but in having new eyes.”

Marcel Proust

Private Site Visits

We offer private site visits by appointment only to individuals and small groups who are personally and substantially committed to contributing to our mission of finding a new way of living on the Earth in harmony with wildlife and nature. For more information about the private site visit experience, please download our Guest Guidelines.

Please note: Drop-in visits are not allowed.

Two retreat participants standing with a white bison
Retreat participants with Nima the White Bison

Group Retreats

For artists and media makers, business and nonprofit leaders, ecologists and ethicists, healers and spiritual teachers, educators and families, and leaders in other disciplines, Earthfire Institute is both a refuge for reflection on how to create a truly sustainable world and a path for exploring one’s work through new eyes.

We work with professional retreat organizers to create unique experiences. Through direct interactions with Earthfire animals, guests shift their focus from left-brain to right-brain activity, stimulating neural pathways that enhance big-picture visioning and creativity. Our founders and staff will work with you to co-create a unique framework for your retreat.

Stay Connected

Occasionally during the year, we offer public retreats that are open to the Earthfire Community. To learn about these offerings, stay in touch via the monthly Earthfire newsletter. 

To inquire about private visits and group retreats, please contact us at

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