Join Earthfire’s Susan Eirich in Conversation Online May 17

Man and woman walk with a wolf in front of the Tetons

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Join Earthfire Institute’s Executive Director Dr. Susan Eirich for a first-of-its kind online video discussion, How Connecting with An Animal Can Help You Heal the Earth.

The online video discussion takes place on Wednesday, May 17, at 6pm Mountain time (5pm Pacific; 8pm Eastern). The cost is free, but advance registration is required. Register here.

We humans increasingly recognize that our ecological crisis has, at its core, a spiritual cause. If we truly believe that all life is sacred, then we know we will have to make radical revisions to how we live personally and how we operate as a society.

This may seem difficult. But the good news is that the first step on this journey is to connect with the joy that nature offers us in abundance. And from that joy, we find our unique offering toward healing the planet.

Animals are a wonderful starting point for connecting to that joy of nature that can lead us to take wise and practical action on behalf of the Earth. Dr. Eirich will share stories, pictures, and videos to inspire us to connect with the animals in our lives—wild and tame alike—and from those connections, learn how to live in a way that supports all Life, including ours.

Because this is an online discussion, there will be plenty of time for you to share your animal connections, too. Bring your experiences and inspiration to the table, and together let’s discover a new way of living on the Earth.

Space is limited for this unique online experience. Register today to reserve your spot.


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