Reawakening a Spiritual Relationship with Nature and Animals: A Conversation with Wildlife Vet Linda Bender and Susan Eirich

Man admiring mountain vista

Last year, Susan was the keynote speaker at the first session of an online webinar series hosted by world-renowned wildlife vet Linda Bender. Having lived with rescued wild animals native to the rocky mountains over the course of their lifetimes, Susan has witnessed paradigm-shifting events that shed new light on what connects us to the natural world and how vital and enriching it is for each of us to do so.

In this session, which you can listen to below, Susan discussed how all life is waiting to be heard and resonated with in very direct ways. Our human-centered frame of reference is too small, and it is critical now, more than ever before, that we reawaken to the sacredness and responsiveness of all life. If we can do this, then we can heal each other—animals, humans, and Earth alike. Life needs, recognizes, and calls to Life. This is our heritage, and it can also be our future.

Read Susan’s reflections on this conversation here.

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