Read About Earthfire’s Expanded Mission and New Website

Two wolves howling in the snow

Our new website just launched this October. It keeps all the content you enjoy, such as the Animal Stories, but includes important new features designed to empower all of us to heal our connection with nature.

The foundations of change are education and emotional connection, and the new website uses both of these to move us towards finding a new way of living on our Earth. Thus we’ve expanded our blog to include more writers and perspectives, and continue with our heart-centered Animal Stories, Pictures and Videos.

A newly added comment thread throughout the site invites you to join the conversation and share your insights. To comment please sign into Disqus. This ensures we are hearing from real people, and keeps the quality of the conversation high. You will be prompted to sign in the first time you comment on our site. You can sign in through Facebook, Twitter or Google or you can create a Disqus account.

We also have a new podcast series featuring interviews with founder Susan Eirich and engaging conversations with changemakers around the world. The podcast series will run monthly, giving you the chance to come back again and again to hear stunning tales of animal transformation.

This winter we will offer a series of online seminars using the latest in online technology, meaning you can participate live in the Earthfire community from anywhere.

If you want to do more than join the online conversation, we invite you to become involved in the Earthfire community. You can sign up for our monthly newsletter for information on upcoming retreats and seminars. There will be an Animal Story the second newsletter of each month. You can also donate to help ensure the important work Earthfire does continues to happen.

For more on how the new website plays a role in our mission, “change the way we see, and therefore treat, wildlife and nature,” make sure you read this blog post by our Executive Director, Susan Eirich.

Until then, we hope you enjoy the new site and that you will engage in our community so that we may find a new way forward together. Let us know if you find any glitches. We look forward to hearing from you!

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