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Susan and Northwind the Arctic Wolf (Photo by Marilyn Paine)

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To request an interview with or presentation by Susan Eirich, PhD, please call our office at 208-456-0926 or email us at

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Girl watches a video presentation on a laptop outside near a pond

Susan Speaks at Cortona Pearls 2021

How can we turn a distanced appreciation of nature into a meaningful, life-changing relationship with all of Life? Susan’s virtual Cortona Pearl presentation Reawakening our

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Smiling woman with long brown hair standing near some aspen trees in the fall

Meet Heather Holcomb

Heather wears many hats at Earthfire, helping in both office administration and managing the day-to-day care of Earthfire’s 31 resident sanctuary animals, from wolves to

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About Dr. Susan B. Eirich

Known as a pioneering conservationist, Dr. Susan B. Eirich is a licensed psychologist, biologist, writer, and “practical visionary.” She blends insights from nature and human psychology into a new way of understanding our relationship to our Earth and all living beings. She founded Earthfire Institute Wildlife Sanctuary & Retreat Center in 1999 to serve as a global model for wildlife and land preservation. Her message focuses on actionable ways to heal our relationship to nature and ourselves.

Susan created the Reconnection Ecology model, which gives us the opportunity to form a deep connection with individual rescued animals and their unique stories, leading to our own reconnection with all that is wild—including ourselves. Through deep reconnection, we discover new ways of approaching the ecological crises that now confront us.

A sought-after speaker internationally, Susan has taught at universities worldwide. She has worked in supermaximum prisons and lived in far corners of the Earth as a way to enhance understanding between cultures, peoples, and species.

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