Positive Forces in the Face of Climate Crisis

What’s being done and what can you do? In our most recent Conservation Conversation, Susan shared resources from the recent TEDWomen conference and other movements around the world, and participants contributed their own experiences, thoughts, and examples of how we can all work together for our planet. Small community conversations form a network of global inspiration that energize us and support effective action.

Resources Mentioned in this Conversation include the following: 

We Are All Related: A Conversation with Stan Rushworth
The Seven Sisters by Ann Loyola
To Speak for the Trees by Diana Beresford-Kroeger
The Hidden Life of Trees by Peter Wohlleben
Dark Emu: Black Seeds: Agriculture or Accident by Bruce Pascoe
Re-Visioning the Earth Paul Devereux
The Secret Power of Human Vision from Matthew Fox
Call of the Forest: The Forgotten Wisdom of Trees

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