Linda Bender and KosmoPhoto by: Linda Bender, DVM

“If I narrow it down to what one thing animals want me to say is the basic problem, it’s that we believe we are separate from the natural world. It’s that interconnectedness, that intertwining we have with all life is where our true joy comes from. There is no other access for that….”

Susan sits down for rich conversation with renowned wildlife vet, Dr. Linda Bender.


A passionate animal advocate, educator, and author, Dr. Bender’s innate rapport with animals inspired her to earn a doctorate in veterinary medicine. During the fourteen years she spent living in England, Asia, Africa, and the Middle East, Linda’s veterinary work included the rescue, rehabilitation, and protection of wildlife, often in remote areas. For over 25 years she has studied many of the world’s wisdom traditions, enriching her understanding of the sacred connection shared by humans, animals and nature. Dr. Bender can be reached at

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