Jean and Windwalker the cougarPhoto by: Jayme Chrisman

In a passionate, lyrical, fascinating conversation, Andrew Harvey shares his thoughts about Nature as embodied God; that creation is sacred in all of its elements and that animals are ambassadors of qualities of God so we can be informed by their wisdom. By falling deeply in love with them we can enter into their consciousness and receive messages which can change our own consciousness. The fantasy that we have an omnipotent right to do as we please and a superior consciousness is causing us to head towards total destruction and the key to our survival and to a blessed life is remembering that we are animals and have a deep kinship with them. Understanding our profound kinship with all life may be the key to our survival. Thus we must be their passionate advocates.

“The Mother lures you in through the animals you most naturally respond to and that sacred relationship opens you up to the miracle of all animals. That love lights up the universe so we can see that the universe is already lit up by the glory of that love. Through love we sense the kind of consciousness the universe is longing to give you. Everything is so much more fabulous than even our normal mystical consciousness reveals. We live in a reciprocal, responsive, universe.”

This is the first of a four-part series.

*Paraphrased from “It is better to light a candle than to curse the darkness.” W. Watkinson, 1907

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