Animal Life, Spirit and Energy

A Walk on the Wild Side: Answering the Call of the Wild

Led by Rose De Dan, Wild Reiki and Shamanic Healing, this annual event offers participants the opportunity to meet highly respected wild Animal Ambassadors, participate in shamanic ceremonies and learn from them over four days at Earthfire Institute. The intention of the retreat is to break down barriers and build bridges of unity and connection, facilitating healing for all participants, both two and four-legged. The result is increased intuitive awareness and communication skills applicable to all species, and freedom from limiting patterns and lifelong negative beliefs. A powerful opportunity for deep personal healing as well as global transformation.

To register or for more information go to the following website: Wild Reiki and Shamanic Healing

Quotes from A Walk on the Wild Side 2016 on what you have gained:

I have gained a sense of wonderment that has been missing in my life. This weekend has sparked the feeling of openness that is only read about. The biggest highlight of this retreat was witnessing the effect that love has on the land, animals and people. —Joanne Ruocco

Susan and Jean are intermediaries between modern humans and their original raw state in connection with nature. You both open up a remembering in our souls. The echos of our ancient past. You spark the DNA that reminds us we are real. Susan please accept that you are special because it gives people (us) the space to open our specialness; to ground it in reality, to be grounded with god Spirit with nature. All real. —Monica

The ability to be. Not think, not process, but just be. To pause, notice, feel instinct. What does EF offers that no other place does: a balance between biology, compassion, environmentalism and intrinsic nature.JJ Pursell

The ability to listen. —Susanne Ritzenthaler

I am very grateful for the experience. I will keep it in my heart and soul and share it with all the people I meet and are able to listen. Being able to contact the animals in a way I didn’t even dare dreaming of. —Susanne

The most important concept for me was the wildlife corridor. —Monica

Calmness, greater clarity on my purpose and path. Deeper insight into the souls of animals. The timeliness and urgency of contributing to wildlife survival in ways I am sure now will unfold. Heightened intention to share my contributions. —Cheryl Sweet

I was able to release old wounds and fears surrounding my intimate connection with wildlife and nature as a whole. I regained a deep respect and reverence for nature and for myself in the process. —Sheri Reece

Earthfire offers an opportunity for intimacy and insight for cerebral stimulation and whole heart hearing. Earthfire is a touchstone. As opportunity to experience in real time and space what it is to be human and to share this earth with all our relations. —Deborah Kremins

Clearer understanding of the importance of eco-systems specifically wildlife corridors and the immediate needs of the animal kingdom. —Elina Geseleu

Being with the animals and people of the retreat has shown me that it means to be one. Susan has shown me what it means to be determined with an open heart and a strong mind. John has shown me that with patience all things are possible. John’s connections with the animals of Earthfire are like nothing I have ever seen. Because of John and the animals I know I can have this with my animals. Highlights: When Susan said “Let it flow through you. Feel it.” Watching Jean and the way he and the animals are connected. I will be forever grateful to all that were here, two legged and four. The land Earthfire has been built on is amazing. —Phyllis Robinson

I gained a lost connection between myself and animals. It’s not that I couldn’t connect; it’ that the connection has changed to a much deeper level. The type of connection has also changed form a domestic understanding back to a wild and natural understanding. Earthfire truly allows you the opportunity to reconnect,. The knowledge and understanding that Susan and Jean have with every animal makes the connection that much greater. Highlight – the opportunity to heal what came up for me that needed my attention. The time that Susan and Jean took to answer all our questions and willingness to help each and every one of us. —Jolene Lugo

Animal Life, Spirit and Energy

California School of the Arts Residency Program

The Michelle Lund/Earthfire Institute Residency program provides students with
the opportunity to interact with Earthfire animals and express themselves
through art. The goal of the residency to is for each student to feel their way
towards an art project that they would like to complete, expressing what they
have learned and what has spoken to them.

Animal Life, Spirit and Energy

Creative Soul Retreat with Sarah McLean and Susan Eirich

The Creative Soul Writing Retreat for women is a one-of-a-kind retreat that helps anyone access their true creativity. You don’t have to be especially artistic, poetic, or clear; you simply need this: a desire to write and delve into self-awareness, even if only for a weekend. For many, writing is a spiritual practice which leads to a profound experience of timelessness. A single moment of inspiration can become an eternity. The same is true of meditation. For those who practice meditation, life can be transformed physically, spiritually, and emotionally. Meditation allows the veil of stress to lift so you can connect with your true nature and commune with your creative soul. Best-selling Hay House author and meditation teacher Sarah McLean leads participants into provocative mindfulness practices, deep meditations, and expansive writing exercises to express their creative soul. She’ll show you how to listen to and trust your creative soul, explore your imagination, transcend your inner critic and spontaneously express yourself from the womb of creativity. You’ll write, listen to yourself, and be heard, perhaps for the very first time. Women with any level of meditation and/or writing experience are welcome. All that’s required is your willingness to explore your awareness and all that is unseen.

Animal Life, Spirit and Energy

Conservation Conversation with Harvey Locke

This first Conservation Conversation is part of a series of wide-ranging conversations on different aspects of wildlife and conservation with the voices of the animals an integral part of the proceedings. It is a vision we have held since Earthfire was just a dream – to have brilliant, visionary, thoughtful, hard-working action-oriented people from different fields, who care deeply about the earth, joining in conversation to see if we can find a more effective way to protect her and all living beings she supports.
Ten conservation-oriented professionals from education, the arts, media and business as well as conservation participated for two full days of exploration from morning into the night, with meals brought in. The amount of time and intensity was necessary for people with disparate views, life experiences, attitudes and temperaments to be able to fully express themselves, be understood, and have it come together in a new useful whole.