• Susan B. Eirich, Ph.D

    Executive Director

    “I so want to share with you, my fellow humans, the beauty of the animals and the Earth. To enjoy it together, marvel at it, be healed by it; be moved to treat the wonder of creation with great respect. We would be healed then, humans, animals and the Earth.

    "But what we do not attend to cannot reach us.”

    Known as a pioneering conservationist, spiritual ecologist and practical visionary, Susan B. Eirich, Ph.D. is a licensed psychologist, biologist, educator, writer and sought-after speaker. Twenty years ago she founded the Earthfire Institute, a unique wildlife sanctuary and retreat center located on forty acres just west of Grand Teton National Park. Earthfire was named after a passionate earth-mother wolf with a fire in her belly to protect anything vulnerable.

    Ever since she can remember, Susan had an instinctive understanding of the value of all living beings and how important it is to treat them with respect, for our sake as well as theirs. She founded Earthfire Institute with a mission to change how we humans see and therefore treat wildlife and nature, by helping us make an emotional, heart-opening connection with the rescued wild animals of Earthfire. Connecting deeply with individual animals serves as a portal into the wonder and magic of all living beings.

    Living with bears and wolves, cougars and coyotes, badgers and buffalo over their lifetimes, Susan has seen astounding events which have opened windows into the nature of Life. It is these stories she wants to share, deepening our understanding of wild animals. Forging a richer relationship between these wonderful creatures and humans, taking them into true consideration, will help us make conservation and policy decisions that brings the world back into balance.

    Susan has taught at universities around the world; worked as a psychologist in maximum security prisons; developed a university counseling center; directed a Nature Conservancy Preserve; and spent time with peoples in remote corners of Nepal, the Northwest Territories, and the Amazon rainforest, always seeking to see through other’s eyes. Then she founded Earthfire as a way to explore seeing through non-human eyes. She knew that loving wild animals deeply shifts our perceptions and helps us feel the power and companionship of a more-than-human-centered perspective.

    Twenty years later Earthfire, started as a journey towards connecting with an ever-expanding circle of Life, has become a powerful global “seed center” of ideas and fresh perspectives on our relationship to nature. Earthfire reframes the discussion of conservation by including the voices of living beings usually outside our perceived community, stimulating actions to help preserve them, and ourselves. Susan works closely with her staff to maintain a professional organization that contributes to a new world view and story, through global outreach and educational programs. She continues to oversee animal welfare at the Institute as she travels and speaks around the world, finding time to personally research the latest developments in holistic medical care for her beloved animals. Susan is currently working on a book of these stories.

    Jean Simpson

    Animal Handler

    When Jean was five he drew a picture of himself walking in a park in France with animals following him. His mother said they always did. Studying to be a vet in Paris, he realized that he wanted a deeper relationship with animals than that would allow. He moved to the Rocky Mountains and taught himself how to train wolves through living with and understanding them. This led to a career training wild animals for movies, where he developed techniques based on reward and an amazing grasp of each species and each individual of that species. In 1989 he founded The Wild Bunch Ranch so that he could train based on his unique understanding of each species, and each individual of that species. He has trained and consulted on feature films, documentaries, commercials and still shoots, and worked with many of the most famous wildlife artists and photographers in the country. He is known in the industry for his humane training methods, his safety record, the beautiful condition of his animals, and his ability to get outstanding performances from them. Jean brings his talents in understanding and handling wild animals to Earthfire, as well as serving as consultant on animal welfare, safety and animal home design. To see how he works with Humble Bumble, the learning-disabled grizzly bear, or Mr. Pinkerton the blind lynx, is an enlightenment. The knowledge and thought he gives to designing homes and playgrounds for the animals gives us delightful insight into their emotional and physical needs and pleasures. Jean@earthfireinstitute.org

    Chelsea Carson, MA

    Director of Outreach

    Chelsea Carson began as a volunteer at Earthfire focused on increasing education and outreach by building capacity in environmental and community stewardship. She continues this goal as Earthfire Institute’s Director of Outreach. Chelsea attended Colorado State University where she graduated with a degree in Conservation and Wildlife Biology and she recently finished her Master’s Degree in Environmental Sociology from Idaho State University. Chelsea worked with Earthfire during her graduate career, as well as being a research and teaching assistant at ISU, studying the social-ecological dynamics of human-wildlife interactions, landowner decision making, and connectivity conservation. Her graduate studies were funded through a National Science Foundation grant, she is a previous Fulbright Research grantee, and has received awards for her commitment to conservation and community service during her undergraduate career at CSU.

    Chelsea’s passion for wildness, beauty, adventure, and connection has been the basis of her career in conservation, outreach/education, and guiding. This work has taken her around the world studying and working in community sustainability, connection between people and place, wildlife conservation, and permaculture. She is eager to bring her experiences of working within field biology, environmental education, and international and national naturalist and tour guiding to the Earthfire community and animals, helping to expand conservation to include the voices of all beings.

    In her free time she enjoys exploring nature through human-powered mediums, connecting with all Life, and being.

    Dawn Harrison

    Office and Ranch Manager

    Dawn Harrison’s love of animals began early but blossomed at the age of 9 when she was forced to ride a ‘terrifyingly huge’ horse who became her best friend 30 minutes later. It was the first time she realized that animals have personalities and can be just as good teachers as people---if not better! She attended Montana State University Bozeman where she studied the field of Ranch Management until life made other plans for her and she moved into the office management and accounting fields. After almost 7 years as Financial Manager at a large restaurant and brewery in Utah, Dawn has again made her way to the animals and nature that are her passion.

    In her spare time, Dawn enjoys taking her horse for walks, cuddling with her cats, and finding new recipes to try out on her friends and family. She is also the proud mother of one daughter, Elizabeth Harrison.

    Jessica Friedman, MSc

    Digital Media Content Manager

    Jessica Friedman's profound love for nature and animals stems from summers spent exploring the woods around the cabin her grandparents built in Ontario, Canada in the 1940's. Those hours spent climbing trees, watching for bears in the blueberry patches, and floating on the lake with the loons set a foundation of respect for the natural world that still influences her life today. In 2008, she earned a Bachelor's Degree in Recreation Management and Youth Leadership from Brigham Young University and spent the next several years teaching agricultural and environmental education courses to children of various ages. In 2015, she graduated with a Master's in Organic Farming and Food Production Systems from Newcastle University in England. She is passionate about regenerative agriculture and finding sustainable ways to feed the world's growing population. Jessica also has fifteen years' experience in film production, photography, graphic design, and web development, and looks forward to using those skills to promote Earthfire's mission and outreach goals.

  • Susan B. Eirich, Ph.D.

    Executive Director and Board Chair

    “Thus Earthfire serves as a successful powerful seed center of ideas, stimulating and reframing the discussion of conservation by including the voices of living beings usually outside our perceived community.”

    Dr. Eirich holds a B.S. in biology from Cornell University, an M.A. in psychology from the New School for Social Research, and a Ph.D. in psychology from the University of Kentucky. She worked for The Nature Conservancy for eight years as Executive Director for their Manitoga preserve, and has taught at universities here and overseas. During her career she has interwoven psychology, biology, education and conservation. Her goal is to forge a better understanding between humans, animals and nature, leading to a new conservation ethic that brings nature directly into the circle of our concern rather than as a peripheral consideration. Through retreats, articles, newsletters, speaking, videos and social media, she engages with an international audience. She established the www.earthfireinstitute.org website, an effective technological platform resulting in nearly two million people viewing Earthfire’s animal videos. Dr. Eirich has written over 100 conservation themed articles. Her stories are typically illustrated by vivid observations of the wild animals at Earthfire, some of them shared in her “Wisdom of the Wild” article, published in the online Noetic Sciences Journal, January, 2012. Her most recent article “The Animals Are Calling Us to Council” was published in the Kosmos Journal on May 3rd, 2016. In 2015 she was filmed for the Emmy awarded PBS series “The Embrace of Aging,” where she discussed finding meaning in life by drawing on the wisdom of nature. The excerpt can be found on the Earthfire YouTube channel. In addition to leading retreats at Earthfire she has spoken at numerous conferences including Connecting for Change, A Bioneers Event, 2013 and 2014; California Institute for the Arts 2012 - 2014; Science and Non-Duality 2014; International Society for the Study of Subtle Energies and Energy Medicine, 2014 and Minding Animals International, New Delhi 2015.

    Allan Blitz, Ed.D.

    Vice President

    “Earthfire’s goal is to connect with Life. That, is nourishing. Connecting with animals is a grounding for us into Life. The modern world has strained relations with what Life is; all species, all Life including our environment – the earth, the sky. a good foundation Earthfire is on a path to relate us in a good way, enhancing our connection to the foundation of life so we can work in harmony with Life, not separate from it. We use animals and trees as a resource without regard to who they are and we have lost all connection with and respect for who they are… a potentially fatal arrogance on our part.”

    Allan Blitz, Ed.D., has worked as a psychologist in universities, in private practice, and for 20 years in the NYC school system as a school psychologist. He has a Bachelor’s degree in Economics and a Master’s degree in clinical school psychology. Additionally, he has an EDD in educational psychology. Allan has spent many summers travelling around North America on his motorcycle and particularly enjoys working with children. He now has a therapy dog who is working with both adults and children. His relationship with Earthfire allows him to explore his joy for the outdoors and wildlife and he has a profound respect for life and believes life needs to be nourished and dealt with positively.

    Elizabeth M. Kutter, Ph.D.


    "Susan and her wolf-hybrid Tatanka lived with me for a year while she was team-teaching a course with me at Evergreen State College. He played a major role in drawing me into Susan's vision and dream. Later I met her whole young wolf pack. Holding one of the cubs, Stardance, feeling her immense vitality, drew me even more deeply into the pack and into strongly supporting Earthfire in its early struggles."

    Elizabeth Kutter, Ph.D. is a professor emerita at the highly innovative, collaborative, nature-oriented Evergreen State College in Olympia, Washington, where she began teaching in 1972, a year after the college opened.  She became drawn into the vision and promise of Earthfire when Susan Eirich, Ph.D. spent a year teaching with her in 1992-1993 in the full-time "Human Health and Behavior" program she had developed there, integrating psychology, sociology, health, nutrition, developmental biology, psychoneuroimmunology and related fields, and she has been a dedicated part of Earthfire since its founding. She still heads a Laboratory of Bacteriophage Biology there that she opened in 1973, working with the molecular biology, ecology and therapeutic applications of bacteriophages -- viruses that very specifically kill bacteria and have been used as very effective antimicrobials in some parts of the world, from France to the Republic of Georgia, since the 1930's.  She put on her 22nd biennial Evergreen International Phage Meeting there last summer,  drawing over 200 people from 48 countries, and has given invited talks about phage on all 6 inhabited continents, working toward their implementation in both human and animal health. She also heads a nonprofit Phagebiotics Research Foundation (See http://www.phagebiotics.org) working both internationally and locally to support phage therapy research and implementation.  They have just published a case-series article in the Journal of Wound Care on their successful use of phage to treat diabetic toe ulcers which had not responded to conventional treatment, including antibiotics, and where amputation had become the major other option.

    Andrew Torgove


    "I was drawn to Earthfire because of the respect they gave their animals."

    Andrew Torgove is a managing director and head of the restructuring group at Lazard Middle Market. He has more than 25 years of experience in executing restructuring transactions, as well as M&A transactions and refinancing for both distressed and healthy companies. Recent engagements include representing Standard Register, Allen’s, American Safety Razor, Chem Rx Corporation, and the Unsecured Creditors Committee of Global Geophysical Services. Prior to joining Lazard Middle Market, Mr. Torgove was a managing director at Stairway Capital, a $330 million fund focused on buying distressed middle market companies, with a focus on purchasing senior debt positions. From 1996 to 2004, Mr. Torgove worked at Houlihan Lokey Howard & Zukin and was co-head of their distressed M&A practice in New York from 2001-2004. Mr. Torgove received a Ph.D. in economics from the New School for Social Research, a Master’s Degree in economics from Boston College, and a Bachelor’s Degree in economics from the University of Massachusetts Amherst, where he graduated Phi Beta Kappa and Phi Kappa Phi Honors Societies. https://www.lazard.com/our-firm/leadership/andrew-torgove/

    Michelle Lund

    Member at large

    "It is really important to know the animals in their entirety. When you see an animal you want to be able to look into its eyes and feel them, and Earthfire gives you that. The whole crux is to make sure that animals and humans live together in unity because we all live together on this planet and it is important for us to know each other."

    Michelle Lund has been a member of the Sharon D. Lund Foundation since 1993. She is a great lover of animals, nature and people. “I know the significance of the three coming together and complementing the world we live in.” Being the Board’s newest member, Michelle looks forward to making an impact and thanks Earthfire for including her on this adventure.

    Ann Loyola

    Member at Large

    "Any time that I go into the woods, I have the opportunity to come out as a better person. I’ve believed in that power ever since I was a little girl, and my belief has only grown stronger over the years."

    Ann is the Director of Marketing and Public Relations for Teton Valley Health Care. She has over 19 years of marketing and public relations experience, including six years of fundraising and grant-writing duties, and three years of professional public relations client management.

    Philbin de Got

    Member at Large

    “In my heart, I truly believe that we all need to learn to respect all people and to do that we have to learn about them. Lack of knowledge breeds lack of understanding. Our lack of respect and fear of many animals stems from that same lack of knowledge. I also realize that we all need to be responsible in our actions and use good sense when in the homes of wild animals. To have a learning institution that promotes and shares information to help humans and animals coexist, is a gift to Teton Valley as well as far reaching locations. Personally, I love to sit and watch these animals move, sleep, and watch me right back. They are a joy..”

    Philbin holds a Bachelor’s degree of Fine Arts from The School of the Art Institute in Chicago. She has worked professionally in illustration, graphic design, jewelry design, portraits, still life, landscape painting and murals. She and business partner, Joe Rayman, opened the nationally recognized mural and trompe l’oeil studio, Rayman• de Got Studios, in 1985. Their work decorates public buildings and homes throughout the U.S. Philbin and her husband, Jim, moved to the Teton Valley in 2003 to be closer to their sons and their families. Philbin has always been inspired by the beauty and uniqueness of nature and its surroundings. Philbin’s art has graced two books by Earthfire, Swatworth, Josie and the Buffalo Girls, and Into the Space and Silence. She has also provided numerous illustrations for Earthfire’s website and presentations.

    Kristine Ciesinski

    In Memoriam

    "My spirit has always needed and LOVED connection with Animals. To be able to connect to our wild brothers and sisters at Earthfire is enriching, uplifting and unforgettable! Something not to be missed...!"

    Kris first came to the Teton Valley in 1978 when she performed with the Grand Teton Music Festival. She is an internationally renowned opera and concert singer who has over the last 28 years performed leading roles as dramatic soprano at many of the world’s greatest opera houses. Her love and appreciation for the Teton Mountains (she has climbed the Grand twice!) and Teton Valley and its community led her to join the Advisory Circle for Earthfire Institute. Kristine is married to Norman Bailey, world renowned Wagnerian bass-baritone and they are very well trained by their six wonderful adopted dogs.

    Kris passed away in June 2018. She lived with enough passion for several lives, along the way inspiriting and inspiring others and bringing joy, beauty, kindness and clarity wherever she went. Safe travels, our friend. We will feel you soaring over this beloved valley of yours, and hear your song on the wind.

  • Maura Connolly Anderson, DVM

    Maura Connolly Anderson DVM graduated veterinary school from Washington State University in 2003 Magna Cum Laude. She worked in mixed practice in Wyoming before settling in Teton Valley. Maura loves working on all types of animals. In addition to dogs, cats, horses, and cattle, Maura also enjoys camelids, goats, exotic pets, and any opportunity to help on wildlife projects. She has been part of the Victor Vet team since 2010. In the spring of 2017 Dr. Maura Connolly Anderson bought Victor Veterinary Hospital, continuing a legacy of professional work with Dr. Linville.

    Linda Bender

    Dr. Linda Bender holds a doctorate degree in veterinary medicine, is a gifted healer, intuitive, and spiritual teacher. She is an internationally renowned animal advocate, speaker, and author of the award winning Amazon best-seller Animal Wisdom: Learning from the Spiritual Lives of Animals. Her work has been endorsed by Dr. Jane Goodall, Dr. Rupert Sheldrake, Deepak Chopra, and many more.

    During the fourteen years she spent living in Europe, Asia, Africa and the Middle East, her work included the rescue, rehabilitation, and protection of wildlife. This work deepened her passion to be a strong voice for the voiceless in the world. Her interest in spirituality led her to study many of the world’s wisdom and healing traditions, she is a certified teacher of meditation, Ayurveda and energy medicine.

    She is the co-founder of From the Heart, a non-profit charity that directly serves animals and their habitats.

    Website: LindaBender.org

    Rose de Dan

    “Over the years the animals taught me a wild way to heal, and in return they requested that I bring people to them in ceremony so that the people and animals could co-create a new way of walking together in the world. I asked to be shown a place where it was possible to do that—one where the animals were recognized as physical, emotional AND spiritual beings—and I was guided to Earthfire Institute. When I met Susan, Jean and the animal ambassadors who call Earthfire home for the first time in 2010 I was deeply touched by all of them, but mountain lion teacher Windwalker and timber wolf Cucumber made a huge impression. Meeting them took what I had learned to a much deeper level and I am forever changed. Each year that I return feel the connections between the people and the animals shift to the next level, and I have hope for our future together. I am so profoundly grateful to Susan, Jean and the animals for the beauty they create together. It is a privilege to support their mission in every way possible so that the voices of the animals may be heard by many.”

    In practice since 1996, Rose De Dan, Wild Reiki and Shamanic Healing, blends animal communication and energy healing in a unique way. An early pioneer in the field of complementary healing for people and animals, and an animal shaman, Rose's work is inspired by a shamanic vision in which wild and domestic animals issued a call to action to save the Earth and assistance in co-creating a sustainable future. Her mission is to help people hear the voices of the animals and create lives in connection with All Our Relations. She offers private sessions and ceremonies for humans and animals, and teaches Reiki and shamanic teleclasses from Seattle, Washington. Visit her to see upcoming classes, events/ceremonies, videos and articles.

    Website: ReikiShamanic.com

    Wendy Francis

    “I remember my first trip to Earthfire and the awe with which I beheld the wild animals that are sheltered there. I immediately could see the power of helping people to make connections with wild creatures. I'm very honored to have been asked to join the Advisory Circle and to help share the message of what connects us all.”

    Currently acting as a Senior Advisor for Y2Y, Wendy has spent most of her career advocating for wilderness and wildlife. Her love of nature was nurtured during her childhood in Ontario, where all weekends and summer holidays were spent outside in neighborhood woods or at the family cottage near Algonquin Provincial Park. Wendy cut her teeth on conservation issues as a volunteer with the Canadian Parks and Wilderness Society (CPAWS) in Calgary, participating in successful public campaigns to oppose development in Banff National Park. In 1991, then-Premier Ralph Klein appointed Wendy to a review panel that led to strengthening the province’s environmental protection legislation. In 1996, she decided to make her career in conservation, going on to help protect southern Alberta’s Whaleback region, create Bow Valley Wildland Provincial Park, and secure provincial park protection for Kananaskis Country. She later helped to create a new Endangered Species Act for Ontario and was a key member of the project that launched the Canadian Boreal Initiative and led to Ontario’s commitment to protect 50 per cent of its northern boreal forest. Educated in biology and environmental law, Wendy was the founding conservation director for CPAWS in Calgary, director of conservation science for Ontario Nature in Toronto, and was program director for the Yellowstone to Yukon Conservation Initiative for several years. In 2012, she received both a Queen Elizabeth Diamond Jubilee Medal and Wilburforce Foundation’s Conservation Leadership Award for her efforts.

    LinkedIn Profile

    Jeff Hogan with camera

    Jeff Hogan

    "If it takes me a whole day or two days to get a shot of a beaver coming down the stream, I don’t need patience. While I am waiting there is unlimited entertainment. To be amongst all that life, sitting in the middle of it, is incredible. I am in awe of the life around us. The wild just blows me away.”

    Cinematographer Jeff Hogan has been filming and photographing wildlife around the world for over 30 years, earning numerous awards for his work, including several Emmy nominations for cinematography. Being a naturalist at heart, Jeff’s passion is to witness wildlife behavior and to provide us a privileged view into the secret lives of wildlife, capturing intimate imaging that illustrates just what it takes for our wildlife to make a living and highlighting the unique stories that abound throughout the natural world. Jeff resides in the heart of the Yellowstone ecosystem with his wife Karen and son Finn, with homes in Jackson Hole, WY, and Silver Gate, MT. Living at the doorstep of both Yellowstone and Grand Teton National Parks, Jeff often captures behavioral sequences rarely witnessed in the wild. Bringing these images and stories to the screen is Jeff’s goal, with the understanding and hope that society will respond with a desire to conserve and protect all life and treasure our incredible natural world.

    Website: hoganfilms.com

    Anne E. London

    Anne E. London is an internationally recognized American artist whose work combines two of her passions: visual art, and the conservation and celebration of endangered species. Through her earlier Intaglio engravings, to her latest work with impressionistic charcoal and watercolor, Anne brings to life breathtaking portraits of wildlife in their natural habitats.

    Website: http://www.aelondonstudio.com/

    Professional headshot of a blonde woman wearing a black dress and necklace

    Janet M. Morgan

    Senior Advisor/Consultant

    “I decided to become a senior advisor with Earthfire because I am impressed with the amazing amount of important work, in conservation and wildlife understanding and preservation, that Susan and her team have accomplished over the last 20 years. I am certain that people, on a global level, are ready to take action. I believe that Earthfire's methods, mission and critical plans for the future, will positively affect our planet. I'd like to help the Earthfire Institute make their goals a reality as soon as possible, for the sake of all Life.”

    Janet M. (Jan) Morgan is founder and CEO of Sequent Management Group in New York City. This family office invests in sustainable agriculture and ethical tech and projects that favorably impact all life on earth.

    She is currently senior advisor / consultant to Earthfire Institute, Robocast Inc., and Reinventure Capital and Cornerstone Capital Group (CCG), having previously served as Managing Director, Strategic Business Development, from 2015 – 2018 before becoming a senior advisor to CCG.

    Prior to 2015, Jan was president of the Restore the Earth Foundation, which delivers large-scale forest restoration and social return on investment to donors and investors; president of It’s Time Network; and interim CEO of Catapult.org. From 2009 to 2012, Jan was president of CSRwire, a corporate social responsibility and sustainability newswire. Earlier, she was director of Not-For-Profit Consulting at RSM McGladrey, and director of Not-For-Profit Consulting at American Express Tax & Business Services. She registered as Fund Raising Counsel in the State of New York.

    Jan holds a Global Executive MBA from Duke University’s Fuqua School of Business and a Bachelor of Science degree from St. John’s University. She also holds certificates in management from Stanford University and Wharton, and a certificate in fundraising from New York University. From 2006 – 2016, Jan served on the Board of Governors for Antioch University and was as chair of their audit committee; she was on the Board of READ Global from 2007-2012, an international community development organization working in Tibet, India and Bhutan. Jan is a member of the Financial Women’s Association, Women Donors Network, Social Venture Circle and the Association of Governing Boards of Universities and Colleges.

    Susan Marsh

    “I value the care with which the animals at Earthfire are treated and honored as beings whose lives are as important to them as ours are to us.”

    Susan Marsh is an award-winning writer living in Jackson, Wyoming. She worked for the U.S. Forest Service for over thirty years. With degrees in geology and landscape architecture and a lifelong interest in creative writing, she has combined her interests into a body of work that explores the relationship of humans to wild country.

    Janet Ross

    “Earthfire to me is an important place to connect with other life forms that make this planet whole, meaningful, and possible.”

    Janet brings her love of the outdoors and the natural world to the Earthfire Advisory Circle, as well as her non-profit skills. With a B.A. in Outdoor Education and an M.S. in Experiential Education, Janet started the non-profit Four Corners School of Outdoor Education in 1984 – an outgrowth of her love for the Colorado Plateau and desire to teach others about the need to understand and protect it, and the power of place-based education to change lives. Prior to founding Four Corners School, Janet worked for over 15 years as a backcountry ranger and wilderness specialist for the National Park Service, Bureau of Land Management, and U.S. Forest Service, and as an educator and guide for the National Outdoor Leadership School, Colorado Outward Bound, Prescott College, and other outdoor programs. She retired at the end of 2016 after completing the construction of the Canyon Country Discovery Center, a portal to place-based education about the Colorado Plateau and new campus for Four Corners School on 48 acres just north of Monticello, Utah.

    Penelope Smith

    “I have taught a number of courses and retreats on telepathic communication with the loving participation of the animals at Earthfire, thrilling and life-changing for all the students who attended. Earthfire treasures what I treasure: the integrity and sacred connection of all species as individuals and groups. We are One Life.”

    Communicating with animals telepathically throughout her life, Penelope Smith discovered in 1971 that animals could be relieved of emotional traumas and other problems through the same counseling techniques that helped humans. The training and experience that have contributed to her success are her educational background, with bachelor's and master's degrees in the social sciences; years of training and experience in human counseling, nutrition, and holistic body energy balancing methods; research into animal nutrition, anatomy, behavior, and care; plus the firsthand education from the thousands of animals she has contacted.

    For over thirty years, Penelope has been the founding pioneer for the field whose name she originated, interspecies telepathic communication. Author of the popular classic books in the field, Animal Talk, When Animals Speak, Animals in Spirit, many audio recordings, and editor of Species Link magazine, Penelope has held the hub of the growing community of animal communicators worldwide for decades.

    Website: http://animaltalk.net/meet.htm

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