Our Team: Evolving at Earthfire

Heather Holcomb with a wolf pup

After serving as Assistant Director for Earthfire Institute for over three years, our beloved Ann Loyola has accepted an exciting new role as Director of PAWS Animal Shelter here in the Teton Valley. Thanks to Ann’s deep commitment to Earthfire’s mission, we’ve been able to make essential progress in the last few years–from expanding and strengthening Earthfire’s reputation and reach, deepening our relationship with donors and supporters, and successfully rebranding our message of Reconnection Ecology®. While it will be bittersweet not to have Ann in the office every day, we’re thrilled that she will continue her work on behalf of animals, contributing to the stabilization and development of the PAWS organization. She remains, in her words, “a registered, certified, and licensed lifelong member of the Earthfire family!”

With Ann’s departure, we were prepared to begin searching for another leader to step into her shoes—until we realized that person was already right here on site. We’re delighted to share that General Manager Heather Holcomb has stepped into the role of Associate Director, where she will provide critical support to Founder Susan Eirich as she increases her focus on global outreach.

In the years since Heather’s arrival, she has become an indispensable member of the Earthfire family. Heather’s strong and steady leadership supports our work in a range of ways, from directing day-to-day organizational operations in our office, to guiding and supporting our animal care team in providing the best, species-appropriate care for our wild residents. Heather’s deep love for all animals shines in her work: she even became a certified wildlife rehabilitator to ensure that Earthfire can continue to care for and release wildlife that become injured or orphaned.

With Heather in this new leadership role, we are prepared and excited to take on the next phase of Earthfire’s work to care for our wild lands and animals–and to awaken our collective connection to the natural world.

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