Our Bears are Tidy Eaters

Close up of bear feet

by Susan Eirich, PhD

Our bears are very tidy, economical eaters (Assuming they like the food). There is not a molecule of juicy orange flesh left, scooped out as neatly as with a spoon. If it were watermelon there would not be a molecule of pinkness left (they won’t touch the rind). If it is grapes, each one is delicately picked off the stem, one by one. Jean says they can use their paws so delicately they could turn the pages of a book, though we haven’t figured out a way to test that yet. There are endless surprises in the animal world. No-one can believe it when they see the bears eat. An interesting question is “Why?” What assumptions are we making?


Orange peels left by Teton Totem

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