View our July 26 live online video Conservation Conversation with Dr. Susan Eirich, How Connecting with an Animal Can Help Us Heal the Earth.

This month, we will be going deeper into one of the key questions we explored during our May and June Conversations:

When we connect with non-human species, we have the opportunity to integrate their unique intelligences and wisdoms into our journey forward. How can the intelligence of a wild animal be used to help us live sustainably and heal the Earth? What can we do in our daily life? In this conversation, we will share what we are doing to achieve this.

Earthfire community members have been thrilled by this global conversation. “I loved the open, calm, respectful turn-taking that happened throughout—a great mirror of the connection with the animals,” said one participant. “I feel it is SO important and I loved the different input from different people,” said another.

This was third conversation in our series of online video discussions with Susan and members of the worldwide Earthfire community. View this Heartfelt Community Experience from July 26th here:

“How Connecting with an Animal Can Help Us Heal the Earth” Continued—Conversation 3 from Earthfire Institute on Vimeo.

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